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November 9, 2021Katie
Rendezvous Pizza OKC

Detroit Style Pizza in OKC

If you’ve ever tried Detroit-style pizza before and you are a resident of Oklahoma City, you really should run, not walk over to Rendezvous Pizza because you are going to be really, REALLY happy.

I may have mentioned this before but I hail from the great state of Michigan, the land of Detroit-style pizza and greats like Buddy’s Pizza and Loui’s Pizza. Detroit pizza is one of those things that holds onto your memory, making your mourn that you can’t get it anytime that you want. Such was the case for Buck Warfield, president of Bricktown Brewery Restaurants who spent some time in Ann Arbor, Michigan (home of the glorious Wolverines!).

When I got wind of Rendezvous opening I was dying to go downtown to try them out. However, life happened and we only recently managed to do so.

If you’re not familiar with Detroit style pizza, it’s a deep dish style pizza that is baked in blue steel rectangular deep dish pans. It’s rumored Buddy’s first started using these pans in Detroit when someone gifted the owner with them. The pans were originally used to hold spare auto parts in the car factory.

detroit pizza history

The result is a thick pizza with an amazingly crispy crust and Rendezvous is perfection, baked on olive oil and butter. Oh and that crust on the edges? The cheese runs over the edge and makes this cheesy baked goodness that I promise you, you won’t get out of your mind for quite awhile. They serve the pizza on a baking rack inserted into the pizza pan so the underlying steam won’t lesson the crispy goodness.

Tony's Top Shelf Pizza Rendezvous Pizza

The above picture is Tony’s Top Shelf made up of Wisconsin brick cheese, gorgonzola, fig preserves, prosciutto di parma, parmesan, and balsamic glaze.There is no leftover crust at Rendezvous. It’s pure gold.

We also tried the 8 Mile Pie (another nod to a famous Detroit street).

8 Mile Pie Rendezvous Oklahoma City

This one had mushrooms, onions, green peppers, smoked natural casings pepperoni and Fontanini Sweet Italian Sausage. As you can see, Rendezvous ladles dollops of their Rendezvous Red Sauce (amazing) over each piece and a side-note? That crust is made with Shawnee Mills flour, made right here in Oklahoma!

The last kind we tried was called Tito’s Vodka – made with more dollops of a different sauce – spicy Tito’s vodka sauce. There was also spicy soppressata, Fontanini sweet Italian sausage, red pepper flakes, and Made-in-Oklahoma hot honey. I’m a sucker for hot honey – remember when I started making it for our pizza oven fun?  This was probably my favorite of the night. It was fabulous!

You truly need to browse the rest of the menu at Rendezvous Pizza – along with Detroit-style pizza they also have an entire menu of New York-style pizza as well as salads, sandwiches, nachos, and cheap beer.

And wings.

Million Dollar Wings Rendezvous Pizza

These might compete with the pizza for their best menu item. The Million Dollar Wings – served with your choice of sauce. Smoked with Coca-Cola Cherry Wood and then grilled.  Their snappy skin and smoky goodness is addicting! The sauce choices are buffalo in mild/medium/hot, Korean BBQ, parmesan-garlic, peanut butter and jalapeno garlic, or Ray’s Kickin BBQ Sauce. You can also have them dry.

Just get them. Trust me.

The atmosphere at Rendezvous is fun and bright and I particularly noticed this.

The large mural on the wall which is a knock-off of one of a famous series of frescoes depicting industry at the Ford Motor Company and in Detroit.  Painted between 1932 and 1933, by the Mexican artist Diego Rivera, the Detroit Industry Murals depict laborers working atFord Motor Company‘s River Rouge Plant. They are now housed at the the interior Rivera Court in the Detroit Institute of Arts. Our waitress told us there were some pizza facets in it, but for the life of us, we never could find them.

Here is the original:

Also, due to my upbringing of playing ping pong (my parents had a table in our basement), I love that there is a room at the front where you can play.

It’s very spacious inside…

By the time we left, the place had really started buzzing with people.

Apparently the word has got out…Rendezvous Pizza is the place to go!

Rendezvous Pizza, Wings and Cold Beer Cheap
27 E Sheridan Avenue

11AM – 9PM
Monday – Thursday
11AM – 9PM
Friday – Saturday
11AM – 10PM

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