Refreshment and Thanks

November 19, 2010Katie

It’s almost here.

My favorite time of year.

I always take off the week of Thanksgiving.  I love Fall, I love coolness after a sweltering Oklahoma summer. I love my girls to come home from college, smile as they fuss at my boy, it’s  a week filled with making Thanksgiving dishes of yumminess.

I love my family being grounded in tradition and hearing what each one says when the predictable question is asked…

“What are YOU thankful for this year?”

I love old favorites like Sweet Potato Crunch and new loves like Pumpkin Creme Brulee.

I love flag football in the front yard, the Macy’s parade watched in scattered bits while cooking, leftover at night and a movie that makes everyone smile.

This my friends, is what life is about.

Cherished moments with the ones you love.  Flour on your apron, a mountainess pile of dishes, my daughters in cute aprons, whipping up their favorite traditional dishes, even if they’re topped with french fried onions.

Days spent together, laughing, laying around in pajama pants and loving the ones that mean the most to me.

I’m glad my parents imparted tradition to me…special little things that become so large as life goes on.

Do you love Thanksgiving as much as I do?

Please share why…

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