Recipes Lost to the Camera

August 2, 2010Katie

Okay – so I haven’t posted many recipes this past week.  My old camera (a point and shoot) bit the dust and my new Canon Rebel and I have been getting acquainted.   I made a fabulous recipe Saturday, but none of the pictures turned out.  Doggone it. I’m not adjusting the lighting inside very well on the settings and the flash doesn’t look good either yet.

I think I’m finally figuring out somewhat what shutter speed and aperature are.

I’ve learned (only outside!) about proper lighting on manual mode and how to focus the darn thing.

I’ve had rather limited subjects to shoot but dogs and objects in my yard have worked for practice.

Here I’ve got on the telephoto lense and am practicing bokeh or blurring backgrounds.

And then there’s the portrait setting.  I love the sharp face and the blurred background this setting does for you.

I have to learn to watch the lighting and shadows though.

I’ve been taking the camera everywhere, much to the happy enjoyment of Mr. Wonderful, who is my favorite and sometimes only subject available.

I practiced on him a lot.

This was using the portrait setting on a telephoto lense.

Then he got all smart alec on me…

Have I mentioned I like to take pictures but don’t care much about them being taken of me?

Later that evening, I truly annoyed him by taking pictures of him mowing the lawn…

Luckily the memory card corrupted and I couldn’t show you.

And then, because I know the look….

You know the one that says…”Honey, I love you but knock it off?”

I put the camera away.

Recipes will be forthcoming soon.

I promise!

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  • Mikki

    August 2, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    ROFL!! We have a nice Nikon that my daughter was using for a photography class. I keep saying I'm going to sit down and really learn how to use it .. but I don't. Your hubby is too cute. Love that last one.. I get those looks from my hubby too.. Have a great day!
  • Nancy Jackson

    August 3, 2010 at 9:22 am

    Crack me up!!! I've never seen that face from Denis... Too funny!!!

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