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December 29, 2013Katie

Christmas here at the Wonderful household has finally passed us by.

2013-12-08 09.05.13

We partied with family and friends for days, ate loads of delicious holiday food….

Photo Dec 24, 1 15 35 AM

Have I mentioned, while I LOVE holiday food, that I am holiday fooded OUT?

CHristmas food

The day after we traveled home from visiting Mr. Wonderful’s brothers and sisters in Texas, we stopped off with my mom and sis in law to our favorite Korean place and got a big bowl of this.

Korean food Korean food

It hit the spot nicely after days of rich but wonderful eating.

Kayla made it home, one day late, due to a nasty ice storm closing down our airport, and we made a 2:40 a.m trip to the airport to pick her up but we are SO glad she’s home.

Photo Dec 21, 11 09 29 PM - Copy

Her brother and sister are happy too.

Photo Dec 24, 9 24 31 AM

We decorated our Christmas cookies the night before Christmas Eve, maybe the latest we’ve ever done!
Photo Dec 24, 10 35 46 AM There was a new theme this year in the colors of navy blue (or as close as we could get) and orange.

Oklahoma City thunder Christmas Cookies

It was a tribute to our beloved Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team!

As usual, Mr. Wonderful, in an attempt to not be criticized for his decorating creativity, chose to make cookies without any hint of a Christmas theme…

Photo Dec 23, 11 46 54 PM

He even had to make a construction paper background to justify his cookies (so we’d know WHAT in the tar-nation the darn things were!).

These are my favorite ornaments.

ornament collage

We made them one year with clear glass ornaments. We squirted paint in them and swirled them around and everyone drew their name with glue on the front and glittered them.

They are special, in all their imperfections simply because of the memory attached to them.

Bubba had but ONE measly job.


Photo Dec 22, 9 03 15 AM (1)

Ok, OK I’m watching…

Photo Dec 22, 9 02 06 AM



Photo Dec 21, 10 41 29 AM

Photo Dec 21, 10 41 45 AM

HEY! Was that reindeer bells on the roof?

Photo Dec 21, 10 34 57 AM

Do you think he made it?

But then again, Santa’s sneaky like that isn’t he?

All in all, Christmas is what it always is.  A busy hustle and bustle of munching, nibbling, and overindulgence.  A frenzied rush from one place to the next, wrapping  brightly colored boxes, labeling them to loved ones and sticking on bows with Scotch tape.

Photo Dec 24, 6 59 54 AM  But in all that craziness and preparation we felt the love and the giving that is what Christmas is…when the greatest gift was given to us by God the Father, in the form of a humble baby one night in Bethlehem…and it was wonderful.

Johnstonbaugh Christmas 2013



  • Marie at the Lazy W

    December 30, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Beauuuuuuutiful photos... So pretty. I love that your traditions are sweet and flexible, things your family does to feel good and nourish each other, you can see it all over every happy face. Merry Christmas recovery Katie! Enjoy this week. xoxo

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