• My New Best Friend PK

    March 2, 2011DishinandDishes

    Even though I grew up in a household who had mostly cats, once I got a dog, it was all over with. So this week, the arrival of this lil sweetie kind of shook up my loyalty.

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  • Our Newest Project -Testify!

    March 1, 2011DishinandDishes

    Today is the launch of a new website I am a part of – Testify the blog. I’m excited about this project with some fabulous Oklahoma blogger ladies that I’ve met who are all inspirational in their own way on…

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  • Cafe Kacao Guatemalan Food at Its Best

    February 28, 2011DishinandDishes

    Thursday night, Mr. Wonderful and I finally ventured out to Cafe Kacao.Cafe Kacao is the new creation of the Del Sid family, whose matriarch Veronica, and her recipes are of Cafe Antigua legend.  The Del Cids had been dreaming of opening…

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  • Eateries During the Past Year

    February 22, 2011DishinandDishes

    Here at Dishin and Dishes, I don’t profess to be a chef, or heaven help me, a food expert. Dishin is all about an education of the palate (mine), and sharing my experiences. It’s about learning as I go and…

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  • All In the Attitude

    February 16, 2011DishinandDishes

    This weekend, we had Lil Bit for the day. It was gorgeous outside so Mr. Wonderful took her out to frolic in the Sun.

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  • Feedback Please!?

    February 15, 2011DishinandDishes

    Dishin is undergoing a new look and will continue to do so over the next few days.  Please bear with me, periodically pound your head against the wall and weep and wail with me as I figure out what works…

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day 2011!

    February 14, 2011DishinandDishes

    Happy Sweetheart’s Day! I hope you all felt love today.  I hope you all had chocolate. If you didn’t, here is a little virtual chocolate fondue with long stem strawberries. Melt some chocolate in a fondue pot (milk chocolate).  But…

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  • Fung’s Kitchen and a Taste of Hong Kong

    February 11, 2011DishinandDishes

    Two things to remember when trying out Fung’s Kitchen for the first time. #1 – Go with a group and request the “lazy susan table” so you can share. If you go by yourself or with only one other person,…

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