• Tomato Cobbler

    July 25, 2017DishinandDishes

    A fantastic recipe to use up all those summer cherry tomatoes! Tomato Cobbler with goat cheese, biscuit topping and herbs!

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  • Lemon Ice Box Pie

    July 21, 2017DishinandDishes

    Lemon Ice Box Pie.   The kids great grandma used to make this all the time and I, a lover of all things lemon still adore it. Since it’s May and already reaching mid 90’s around here, nothing is better…

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  • Chicken Marsala

    July 18, 2017DishinandDishes

    Oklahoma City Food blogger Katie Johnstonbaugh shares a simple recipe for making delicious Chicken Marsala.

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  • Chicken Diaries – Part 3 EGGS!

    July 7, 2017DishinandDishes

      It’s been four and a half months since we brought our baby chicks home. The chickens are now almost fully developed. Their personalities are really shining through now in pecking order and the likes.  We have changed their food…

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  • Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp

    July 6, 2017DishinandDishes

    One of our favorite places to go here in Oklahoma City is a Thai restaurant called Panang 2. Their curries and fried rice dishes are incredibly delicious and plentiful and we always take a large portion home for lunch the…

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  • American Flag Toast

    July 1, 2017DishinandDishes

    Every year I love to partner with Produce for Kids to promote some fabulous produce and a cute recipe for kiddos! This campaign is hosted by Homeland and benefits Feeding America and The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma!  It’s always…

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  • Late Night Snacks

    May 17, 2017demo

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  • Key Lime Pie – The Best Easy Recipe Ever

    May 9, 2017DishinandDishes

    Key lime pie is simple and takes few ingredients. Check out this easy delicious recipe for how to make Key Lime Pie!

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  • The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

    May 9, 2017DishinandDishes

    A few weekends ago, three of my besties and I decided to get out of town for the weekend.  We needed to reconnect and have a girls’ weekend so we headed up northeast of Oklahoma City.  We spent the night…

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  • Bacon Braised Cabbage

    April 28, 2017DishinandDishes

    Hey you all!  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a recipe! Life has been a little crazy in our family of late and sometimes you just have to choose to slow down and put things aside for the more important…

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  • Chicken Diaries Part 2 – The Chick Inn

    April 24, 2017DishinandDishes

      It’s been 10 weeks since we’ve brought home our (not so) little girls, can you believe it?  Our little fuzzy chicks have grown into the teenager stage already and are getting bigger and changing by the day. It was…

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  • My First French Macaron Tutorial

    March 31, 2017DishinandDishes

    My first tutorial on how to make French Macarons from my cousin Diane.

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