• Girl's Nite at Our House…I'm TIRED!

    July 4, 2009DishinandDishes

    See the looks on these girls’ faces? Those looks come from staying up half the night and then having to wake up to cleaning this. And this. See the boys were having a “boys’ night” at another house, which pretty…

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  • The Little Things He Does

    July 3, 2009DishinandDishes

    It’s the little things he does. Like today, when I was at work.  He built me this. It’s a new photo lightbox that I can take pictures in. See, I have made a couple of them lately out of a…

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  • The Perfect Chair

    June 25, 2009DishinandDishes

    By Katie I just love it when a plan comes together. Remember that line? Name that show!   (I am really dating myself here.)  I’ll give you a hint.  It was from the 80’s (the best era ever) and featured…

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  • I Think He Liked Father’s Day

    June 21, 2009DishinandDishes

    We had a splendid Father’s Day! I believe Mr. Wonderful was a little spoiled. Or was he the one doing the spoiling?  Especially this little darling. Oh yes, he loves her. He can’t take his eyes off of her. Yes,…

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  • If Dogs Could Say "Can You Come Out and Play?"

    June 20, 2009DishinandDishes

    By Katie There is a monstrous hole  under our fence in our backyard. No, we don’t have moles… We have DOGS! AND we have neighbors who have dogs. Most of the time, our dogs do this kind of errrrr….activity? Maybe…

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  • The Perfect Tomato Stakes

    June 18, 2009DishinandDishes

    By Katie I don’t call him Mr. Wonderful for nuttin! Yesterday I asked him if he could come up with a way to stake my tomatoes without using cages.  These (not so little) guys were getting big enough that their…

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  • Boys That Grow Up Into Men

    June 17, 2009DishinandDishes

    By Katie See that boy at the bottom of the picture? This picture was snapped 3 years ago for our family christmas card.  See that young boy down at the bottom? That’s Conner, my youngest.  Note the chubby cheeks and…

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  • The Love Dare – Our Next 8 Weeks

    June 16, 2009DishinandDishes

    For the next 8 weeks, Mr. Wonderful and I are doing this – The Love Dare.  We, along with abour 20 other couples are doing this as a class. It is a book based on the journal the husband uses…

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