P.F. Changs Home Menu Noodle Entrees Taste Test

October 10, 2011Katie

A few days ago I showed you a couple of the new entrees for the P.F. Changes Home Menu Noodle Entrees I was sent.


Yesterday, Mr. Wonderful and I cooked up this version for a light lunch.  Neither one of us were very hungry so we thought this would be perfect.

Here is the cooking method – anyone can do it.

Toss the frozen contents into a cold nonstick skillet.  We used our wok.



Pop the lid on, and let it go for about 6 minutes, but stir it a couple of times.




After 6 minutes, remove the lid and continue to cook, stirring some more for about 6 more minutes.


And that’s it!

My thoughts?  I liked the flavor, and liked that the meat was all white chicken.  The only downside I see to these is that if you’re planning on feeding more than one person, the portion will be pretty small.  On a normal day, Mr. W would probably have walked away pretty hungry with his half portion of this.  All in all, it’s tasty and good though.

HEre’s the beef dish…

This was delicious…full of flavor, garlic and ginger…the noodles absorbed the rich sauce…very good.

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