Our Newest Project -Testify!

March 1, 2011Katie

Today is the launch of a new website I am a part of – Testify the blog.

I’m excited about this project with some fabulous Oklahoma blogger ladies that I’ve met who are all inspirational in their own way on their own blogs.  We are a diverse group but we have one thing we are passionate about in common.

Writing about Jesus.

Please join us over at Testify for the launch party! Read about the authors of this endeavor, a group of ladies I am looking  forward to working with!

Here’s a peak at our first post!

… in a land far, far away … OKAY, it was in Oklahoma but that doesn’t sound nearly as interesting! … a blogger, named Katie, had a dream. “What if a group of bloggers came together to create a faith-based blog. A place for encouragement, exhortation, Biblical truth, humor, etc. A place full of words, that would live long after the writers are gone, leaving a legacy of truth, mercy, and grace. What if such a place came to be?

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