Olive Branch Cafe

February 5, 2010Katie

Olive Branch Cafe
N Hudson Avenue, Suite 110
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-5022

Before the January Snow-Fest of Oklahoma began, Mr. Wonderful and I tried a new place in downtown Oklahoma City.  Right across Hudson from the new Devon building sight, is a small cafe known as The Olive Branch Cafe.  In fact, workers in orange vests kept walking through from the site the whole time we were there, and a few stopped and ate.

I was a little off upon entering because I’d read so many good things about it, and visited their website,  and I guess I was expecting a different atmosphere.

“Cafe” should have tipped me off.  If you do visit their website, the pictures are not an accurate portrayal of what you see at the Cafe, including the decor and the dishes.  There also are no prices listed on the menu online either.

Most of two of the walls are glass leading to the streets.  There is a trellis covered with silk vines that scared me when I walked in, but after that, it really just felt like a diner.

There are typical diner restaurant chairs and tables.  Down at the far end of the following picture is a mirror, so don’t be misled by the size of this room.  It’s pretty small.

Everything looked clean and nice.

There was only one other person dining when we there.  Our waitress was the only staff we saw in the restaurant and was sitting at a table nearby studying or reading.

We started things off with an order of hummus.

This hummus ($4.99) was very good, and had the addition of some dollops of chili sauce on it that Mr. Wonderful loved, but was too spicy for me.

But, let me tell you, I loved their flatbread.  It was soft and fresh and yummy.

I ordered the appetizer plate ($6.99)  as my meal, as I often do at Mediterranean places.  I just appreciate them so much more than lamb or gyro meat and I feel unfulfilled if I don’t get some of each.  I was a little miffed that they were “out of tabouli” but they offered me the option of another item, so I chose some fresh chunky feta to add to my plate.

And besides I can always snatch some of Mr. Wonderful’s gyro meat off his plate, so I was covered.

I really liked the cucumber salad with the herbed yogurt dressing.  The falfalel was absolutely scrumptious and bursting with the flavor of ground chickpeas, parsley, spices and onions.  It was wonderfully crisp and hot.  I also really liked the baba ghanoush.  If you haven’t had baba ghanoush, it is similar in texture and look to hummus, only it’s made of charred eggplant, onions and tomatoes pureed together with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and spices and has a wonderful smoky flavor.

Again, the differences that make a marriage beautiful – I adored it and Mr. Wonderful made his icky face after tasting it.

The grape leaves?  I guess if you have a taste for them they’d be good. Stuffed with rice and marinated in something pretty bitter, I could handle them, but they weren’t my thing.  Mr. Wonderful wouldn’t even try them.  Anyone know what they’re marinated in? Please share on the comments section below…

Mr. Wonderful ordered the Gyro Platter ($7.99).

This was pleasantly a surprise and came with roasted vegetables and a rice dish with peas.  The gyro (lamb) meat was really, really tender and flavorful.

I know cuz I snatched some…remember?

We wanted to try a dessert, but at this point, we were so full, we just couldn’t.

If you’re looking for a casual Mediterannean eatery downtown, this would be a great stop for lunch or dinner.  The food was good, the service was ok (if you count calling your waitress away from her reading at a table nearby ok), and the prices were reasonable.

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