Scenes From the Oklahoma State Fair

September 27, 2012Katie
The Oklahoma State Fair - Dishin & Dishes

Saturday Mr. Wonderful and I headed out to the Oklahoma State Fair to meet our friends Joy and Dale and Dean and Helen. We were ready for the sights, sounds and tastes of the State Fair.  Fair food is the sole reason we go, of course.

We haven’t been to the State Fair on a Saturday…maybe ever?

Did you know it’s crazy busy on a Saturday?  Walking through the buildings, we were forced to take baby steps in the crowd, which literally drove me insane.  Seriously, stick me in a line or crowd and I’ll practically go bonkers.

Some of the sites we saw I captured with my camera.

For the first time ever, I visited the animal barn and arena thanks to Joy being a former horse owner.

Oklahoma State Fair - Dishin & Dishes

We also saw sheep and goats.

And man did it smell ….different in there. And you had to watch where you stepped too.

And there was food.

Helen was on the lookout for this.

Hot Wisconsin Cheese. How can you go wrong with deep fried cheese?

Well, except for that whole angioplasty thing.

Joy and Dale took one look at the Frosted Flakes Chicken on a Stick and they both got one.

Talk about a crunch…and it was slightly sweet from the Frosted Flakes.

This is my favorite, FAVORITE thing to get at the State Fair.

Oklahoma State Fair - Dishin & Dishes

I love how they roast the corn in the husks until it gets slightly charred and delicious…then they dip it in a giant vat of melted butter. It actually inspired this recipe for me and this one too!

Then they hand it over to us, and we can barely contain ourselves to dig in.

Oklahoma State Fair - Dishin & Dishes

We also hit the Ragin Cajun Chicken Booth.  LOVE their homemade hot sauce.

And for dessert, and because they won the Great Taste of a Fair contest, I had to seek out and find Coco Flow’s Oklahoma Cabernet Chocolate Souffle.

Oklahoma State Fair - Dishin & Dishes

This was concocted by master chocolatier Gene Leiterman of Coco Flow and three of us snacked on it’s warm gooey base, covered in chocolate, Chantilly whipped cream and sliced strawberries. It was rich, and wonderful.

The fair has since come to a close but the memories of its fun, food and fellowshipping with good friends will remain.   Until next year State Fair!

What is YOUR favorite food at the Oklahoma State Fair?  Do you find it fun or disgusting to eat all the deep fried foods and high calorie treats this time of year?


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