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November 8, 2010Katie



Highway 281 N
Anadarko, OK 73005
Hours: Friday & Saturdays 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

There are times when you’ll drive a distance just for an experience. There are places you’ll hang out at just because of a relationship with some truly wonderful people. Remember the show Cheers? “You wanna go, where everybody knows your name”…

Such is the case at a quaint Italian place located on the outskirts of Anadarko called Nicoli’s Italian-American Steakhouse.  This is the kind of place that is right up Mr. Wonderful and my alley.

We would almost always eat at a nice place that has a warmth to it with people that know our name and come out and yak with us, than a fancy-schmancy type place where we don’t feel comfortable.

I first met Nicholas through the website, when he left a comment to ask us to come and visit his restaurant sometime.  Then we conversed again sometime later when he and his wife dropped off some of their fabulous sauces for me to try.  Nicholas is a 2nd generation restaurateur.  His parents operated Luigi’s Restaurant in Chickasha and Nicholas began working there in 1951.  The family recipes have been handed down for generations and Nicholas told us they believe one is over 300 years old!

This weekend, Mr. Wonderful and I decided to take a venture out towards Anadarko and dine at the restaurant.

The restaurant isn’t actually in Anadarko but it’s 3 1/2 miles north of Anadarko on Highway 281 and it’s actually an older house converted into a restaurant, which I loved…quaint and fun!

The inside is decorated country style.

And I think Nicholas’ taste in all things crimson and cream was seen on a sign or two around the place, as well as the OU logo on his chef jacket.  Sooners!

Cindy sat us down at a table after thrilling Mr. Wonderful by hollering “Mr. Wonderful!” when we walked in the door.  The dining room, full to the brim with diners looked up to see who this great guy was.

I wonder if he’s getting an ego?


Anyway, on to the food!

We started our meal with some bruschetta on garlic toast.

The tomatoes were deeply flavored and rich tasting and the garlic toast was yummy.

Then we received our salad – Nicoli’s has a garden salad of simple iceberg lettuce tossed in their homemade dressing (which you can buy bottled).

Next we began to get our entrees.  Mr. Wonderful was intrigued by the 8 oz. Garlic Steak, which was a hefty sirloin steak grilled and topped with Nicholas’ top-secret marinara pasta sauce.

By top-secret, I mean, when they bottle their sauce, even the bottler isn’t privy to what the secret spice blend is that goes into the sauce.  Nicholas runs the spices over to him pre-mixed.

I had ordered a combo of two entrees (because as usual, I couldn’t decide).  I got one of the Grilled Pork Chops (they normally come with two).

Please make a mental note of that spaghetti with alfredo sauce.  I’ll come back to that later.

I also had one of the Grilled Chicken Bruchetta Asiago (It comes with two also).

Both of the meats were grilled to perfection, tender, moist and juicy and had that awesome grilled flavor that you just don’t get from pan frying. Nicholas mans the grill at this place, and he does it well. Those grilled vegetables?  Both Mr. Wonderful and I really went for these and we took the leftovers home and tossed them in with some of the pasta and alfredo sauce later…to die for!

Now, back to that alfredo sauce.  Nicholas and Cindy bottle and sell this sauce.  You can purchase it here locally in the Oklahoma City area and elsewhere around the state – I will list all the places at the end of the blog post so scroll down…then go and buy some of their stuff!  This sauce…I dream about it. It’s that good. I’m not kidding.  I make homemade alfredo sauce and this is the real deal.  Nothing like those runny icky jars you get in the spaghetti sauce aisle at the grocery store.  This stuff is thick and made with real cream, butter and cheeses and made with no preservatives so you have to keep it in the refrigerator.  Delicious!

We also received a side of spaghetti with their marinara on it as well.

This is the 300 year-old sauce baby and it’s good! Something about an original recipe handed down through generations.  Those are always the best.

As if we were already barely breathing from the amount of food we’d consumed, Cindy insisted we try their desserts.

Well, okay if we must! They literally forced us (you don’t believe me, right?), but we allowed them to bring us some.  First up…Nicoli’s Cheesecake topped with Strawberries.

A double cinnamon graham crust (really cinnamony!) sandwiched rich and creamy cheesecake and was covered in sugared strawberries.  This was sooo good.

But Mr. Wonderful went gaga over this.

Chocolate Ganache topped Tiramisu.  Oh my goodness!  Mr. Wonderful really didn’t want to share this with me.  All I can say is…Wow!

We truly enjoyed our food experience at Nicoli’s, but even more than the food, we enjoyed the company of  Nicholas and Cindy.  I smiled while listening to Cindy call everyone by name that came in during our visit.  These are truly some wonderfully nice folks ya’ll.

Case in point, just before we left, Nicholas had to head back into the kitchen because he cooks dinner for the staff each night before he leaves.

I mean, where do you ever hear something like that anymore?  Thanks to Nicolas and Cindy for a wonderful dinner and some fantastic company..and thanks for reviving that lost art of being restaurant people who know your customers well and greet them by name with a smile on your face.  That is a valuable rare gift in today’s world.

I also encourage you to try Scaffetta sauces and products.  You can find them at these places or visit their website to learn more!

Gourmet Gallery in Edmond, Crescent Market, Beef Jerky Emporium, Red Dirt Emporium in Bricktown, Akins Natural Foods in OKC, Native Roots, Dodson’s Nutritional Food Center, International Pantry all in Norman, Spencer’s Grocery in Blanchard, Williams Grocery Stores in Tuttle, Anadarko and Elgin and the first store to carry their sauces was Dunn’s Food Center in Chickasha, a great family owned store. They are in several Whole Foods Markets in Tulsa, North Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana as well as other stores in Guthrie, Enid, Stillwater, Ardmore and Duncan.


  • Fran Johnstonbaugh

    November 9, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Wow, everything looks good. I esecially like grilled porkchops. The sauces look thick and hearty, too. Will have to try them.
  • Cheryl Jones

    November 12, 2010 at 8:45 am

    Great write up....this place is intriguing.

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