New Year Reflections 2017

January 19, 2017Katie

It’s 2017 and to a 1984 high school graduate, that is really unbelievable to me!  How did this happen and does anyone know where my 40’s went?

This past weekend was my birthday and yes it was the big FIVE-OH or 50 for those of you who need me to say it twice. Mr. Wonderful surprised me with a gathering of all my friends in one place and in case you’re wondering if I was truly surprised….

Apparently I was.

He secretly plotted and planned the location at one of my besties houses…Dean and Helen.  And because it was at our friend’s house who I am extremely comfortable around, I almost didn’t wear make-up and almost showed up in sweatpants because I thought we were having a relaxed game day.  Thank goodness I came to my senses! The pictures would have been less than stellar!

Another good friend – Melisa made me this incredibly beautiful and delicious cake.

Bless her for not putting 50 candles on it. The house may have burnt down before I blew them out.  Random dish about myself. I am not a huge cake fan except for lemon and strawberry, which is my favorite…and this one with strawberry buttercream, ganache drizzled over it and topped with chocolate covered strawberries was the ULTIMATE!

Kudos to the Wonderful guy for tricking me and pulling it off…it was a great time!

Kayla was home from California for Christmas and we had 2 magical weeks of spending scads of quality time together, hanging out in a new favorite coffee shop, and just being together.

On an other note, both of my daughters are now redheads, which makes us really look like we’re related.

We had so many fun times during the Holiday season with friends and family. Like this night that the g-babies came over to make ornaments for our tree and decorate sugar cookies.

Of course we had our usual Christmas Minute to Win It antics.  I will share another post soon about the games we played in case you want to do them next year!

And that jolly old guy showed up at some point in the night…

I must say, if I want to know what the Wonderful guy will look like in 20 years…this may be a precursor.

I think as we often do, after all the craziness was over and Kayla had gone back to California and I had a day off to myself, I reflected on the past year and what it’s meant. Here are a few of my thoughts.

*LOVE WELL WHEN I CAN – I missed Conner terribly (and his new wife Makayla). I missed my family in Michigan including my parents, my brother and my cousins this season. It’s the first time one of my kiddos hadn’t been home for Christmas….ever. I am thankful that we DID get to see him at Thanksgiving. I snapped this shot of him after we put the tree up following Turkey Day. We are not sure when we’ll see him again due to his recent C School graduation from the Navy and finally being assigned duty on a ship.

*I WANT TO DEAL WITH LIFE’S MOMENTS WITH MATURITY – Since the election in November, I have watched and sighed many times over the actions of people who are grown adults around me and oh gosh, especially on social media. Let me just say that I think there is no doubt that people on both sides are hurting in this country, as well as scared and confused. However, just because life doesn’t go your way or you disagree without others doesn’t mean you get to treat others without respect or love. I hope I know when to take a breath and try to understand why people behave the way they do and look past the surface and anger to the hurt below.

*LIFE CAN CHANGE IN A MOMENT SO I WANT TO LIVE IT FULLY EVERY MOMENT – One day our household had not a care in the world, and the next the oil and gas industry bust enveloped us, changing our lives, our income, and the way we do life. We are still living every moment with gratitude for what we DO have. If finances and careers can change, so can health, relationships and even family that is with you now. Cherish it all.

*DISTRACTIONS CAN STEAL MY DREAMS AWAY – I want to be more intentional about not spending time on things that don’t matter. This means saying no firmly to things sometimes even though I feel guilty, and some things I do mindlessly, like social media and TV. Everything is ok in moderation, but nothing that sucks all my valuable writing, reading, loving and God time away can occupy too much this year. Not if I want to pursue my dreams fully.

As always, I am grateful to God for the family He’s gifted me with, the friends who I love and the blessings I cherish.

Moving on toward 2018, I pray these are the things I keep at forefront of my vision, and I can wear blinders to the rest most of the time.


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