My New Favorite App – Overdrive Media Console (Free eBooks!)

January 7, 2013Katie

I am in heaven after Mr. Wonderful bought me an iPad for Christmas. The techie in me can’t get enough of all the cool things I can do on it.  I put his picture on it as a screen saver and asked him if I could disappear with it for a month to a remote cabin in the woods that had WiFi (of course), and be left alone to it.  I would talk to his picture every day, so I wouldn’t really be neglecting him…right?

Just kidding. I would not survive a month away from him.  But I do seem to spending a lot of time with my iPad.

Last night I actually found something that will probably become my favorite app for a long while. I tweeted (click here to find my Twitter) about this app, and several I knew had not heard about it…so I thought this might make a good post to let people know who didn’t…

The Overdrive Media Console App (by Overdrive Inc.)


With this app, you can download eBooks and audio books from your library directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device along with Kindle or Nook as well!

My Mom-in-law first told me about this months ago, but I couldn’t find my library card (needed to log onto the app). So last night, I visited the library and got a new shiny card and set off getting set up on it.

There was a little bit of set up required after downloading the app. You need to register and set up an Adobe Reader account.  Then you have to select your library…

Photo Jan 07, 11 43 19 AM


Oh! You have to have an active library card with your local library as well as that is what you’ll enter to login to Overdrive.  My library has a 2 week limit of 5 books at a time.  And it AUTOMATICALLY checks them in for you after the time limit…no OVERDUE FEES! Yes!

Here is what you do once you download the app (or at least what I did on my iPad).  Check it out following the ad below.

  1. Select the Overdrive Media Console App
  2. You will be prompted to Sign In or Register at
  3. Select Cancel
  4. The app opens to your Bookshelf (it should say “Welcome to Overdrive Media Console”). The Bookshelf is where your   Adobe EPUB ebooks will be downloaded to
  5. Select “Get Books” on the upper right corner of the screen
  6. Select “Settings” on the bottom of the screen
  7. On this screen, you will see “Adobe Authorization”
  8. Select  “Authorize”
  9. On the bottom of the screen, select “Get a free Adobe ID”
  10. You will be taken out of the Overdrive app and onto on your Safari
  11. Select Create an Adobe Account
  12. Fill in the boxes (only fill in the fields with asterisks)
  13. Under Communication preferences, UNCHECK Email, Mail, Telephone
  14. Scroll down and tap Continue
  15. The next screen should say “Thank you for becoming a member of the
  16. Adobe Community”
  17. Scroll all the way to the top
  18. Select“Welcome, your name” located on the upper right corner of the screen
  19. A drop down menu will appear
  20. Select on Sign out
  21. Select the Home Button
  22. Open the Overdrive App
  23. Type in your new Adobe ID and password
  24. Tap Authorize
  25. Then select Bookshelf (located on the upper right corner of the screen)
  26. Once you get connected, you simply Click on the “Get Books” button and start your search into reading!

Photo Jan 07, 11 43 39 AM

My first pick…an old but wonderfully familiar classic in both audio and unabridged reading versions:

Photo Jan 07, 11 32 17 AM

Once there you can see choices of ebooks or ePub books.  If you have downloaded from another app like NOOK or B & N, you’ll see your book under eBooks.  Some books are in PDF format which is unchangeable.  Epub files can be changed for things like fonts, etc.  Epub stands for”Open Publication Structure” eBook format and is a popular and freely available eBook standard so most use this format.  Take your pick!

I can’t wait to keep exploring everything I can check out on my iPad and phone with this app! And I LOVE reading it on the iPad as no reading glasses are required…even in a dark room. I usually am rendered helpless to read print that way as my over 40 eyes no longer want to cooperate that way!

Try this out if you’re a reader! You’ll love it!



  • Debbie Cook

    January 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    Thank you so much for posting this here! I saw your tweet but don't have an active library card - plan to get a card one day this week since I was going to go eat lunch one day at the First Edition Cafe at downtown library anyway. I have always loved to read but don't normally have the time to do it anymore but we have finally scheduled two vacation trips. Perfect timing for my to get a library card, this app & get some reading material for my iPhone since it will be going with me anyway. That way I won't have to take up as much space packing actual books. I will take at least one with me so I can make a small dent in the stack of paperbacks I bought long ago at the Friends of the Library booksale and still haven't read yet. I printed a copy of this to take home and will send to my email as well to make sure I can refer to your helpful instructions once I have both a valid library card and the time to get and set up this app. This deprived former bookworm sincerely thanks you!
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