My Little Greenhouse – Part Two

April 3, 2014Katie


Here are a few new things Mr. Wonderful has done in the greenhouse.

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There is a pegboard for my gardening tools at the end.

pegboard greenhouse

I don’t need to dig through the shed anymore to find my favorite trowel.  There is a giant scoop for scooping dirt into seed trays.


We are still trying to devise a way to store my mixed potting soil somewhere inside. Maybe a pull-out drawer or bin?

There are places and spaces on the pebbled floor for pots and saucers.


There will be plenty of room to pull other pots inside to protect them from any nasty weather that might upset their apple cart.

There are plastic drawers to store garden ties, markers tape or gardening gloves. We opted for plastic to protect against frequent water spraying happening inside.

organization shelves

This is perhaps the thing I am most excited about inside though, although EVERYTHING tends to excite me about the greenhouse.

Mr. Wonderful, being the ever proficiently wonderful guy that he is, set me up inside with a watering system.

The thought of dragging a hose inside the door every day was a little disheartening, so he hooked up a quick connect to our hose.

Then he cut a hole at the bottom of the greenhouse and put another hose inside with just the end sticking out. Both ends have a quick connect on them so that I can snap them together in a flash before I head into the greenhouse to water.

water system greenhouse

Once inside there is  a wand that hangs from one of the shelves.


The wand has a “mist” setting that is absolutely perfect for watering delicate seed trays and seedlings.

sprayer collage

And guess what? After planting 700 flowers Saturday afternoon?

I have little babies coming up.


How exciting is that?!


I love our little greenhouse!

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  • Dee

    April 4, 2014 at 5:35 pm

    Very, very nice. Enjoy that greenhouse!~~Dee

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