My Garden Diary April 2015

April 28, 2015Katie

Photo Apr 21, 5 48 34 PM (1)

I woke this morning and stretched lazily. For some reason I really had a hard time opening my eyes. As my senses came into focus, I realized why.  The soft patter of rain on the skylight in our room kept wanting to lull me back to sleep.

Last week we visited my parents and brother in Michigan for the first part of the week and then drove over to Chicago to see my son’s Navy graduation from basic training.  More about that later.

When we returned home we were shocked to see how much our little garden had grown from the vast amounts of rain we received while we were off traveling. And now…more rain! We desperately need it to restore our lakes back to good levels so I am not complaining!

So to recap – here are our new raised garden beds (complete with photo-bombing maltese in the background).

Photo Mar 03, 5 19 28 PM

Here is what we do to our newly made raised garden beds when we have tornado and hail predictions for Oklahoma….

Photo Mar 25, 6 07 30 PM

Mr. Wonderful added those support beams so we could quickly throw some tarps over top of them and pin them down with leftover wrought iron metal garden edging.

He’s a genius.

Here are what our raised garden beds looked like when we left for Michigan.

Photo Mar 31, 7 12 47 PM Photo Mar 31, 7 13 06 PM

And here is what one looks like ten days later after torrential rains.

Photo Apr 20, 9 23 52 PM

And here is what we are picking every single day. If nothing else, I CAN successfully grow lettuce in abundance!

Photo Apr 21, 5 48 34 PM (1)

There is nothing like freshly picked and tender lettuce. Look for some salad recipes coming up in abundance my friends soon!

Mr. Wonderful also made this separate pepper raised bed for us from some heavy duty pallets our neighbors were giving away.

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