Mom's & Daughters – Mother's Day 2009

May 11, 2009Katie


I was fortunate enough this Mother’s Day to have my Mom and my daughters with me!  Mom was here from Michigan and will stay through Kayla’s graduation this weekend.

I started my day in typical “mom style” by fixing a breakfast of my soft boiled eggs for Mom (and Dad and Kayla).  


Mom likes hers hard-boiled though so she didn’t get the ooey gooey that you see here.

Then I proceeded down to our Farmer’s Market to get some senior pictures taken of Kayla.  Yes it was 8 a.m and cloudy and eventually rained, but hey, you do what you have to do to keep up with a teenager’s busy schedule.  We got some great shots.  This is by far my favorite.


And I loved this one too.


And this one…


And this one.  This is an ancient Chevy truck that caught my eye when we were walking around…

kayla8Then it was off to church and back home for lunch.  My dad cooks the best steak anywhere on the planet!

 After lunch we got a few pictures of our 3 generations of moms and daughters.

momsdaughters dp

Now trying to get us all without blinking or something was the challenge of the hour…

momsdaughters far

My kids have really got me some neat gifts of late and this year was special, as always.  Gone are the day of baked clay pots from grade school…awww, I kind of miss those come to think of it!  And all those cute little things made out of their handprints and footprints!

This year Tori ordered me stuff from Anthropology.  She got me the cutest vintage style apron and something else…


You may have seen these Matryoshka or Babushka Russian nesting dolls before.  


I am German, so my mom brought me a set similar to these when she returned from Germany a few years back.

These little darlings have a special surprise inside of them though…ready?


They’re actually measuring cups! Even the head of the baby one is a “pinch”!  Is that adorable or what?


I loved these!

Kayla is my artist.  She loves to hand-make special items of sentimental value.  One time when she was little, she made a ballerina out of 3 toothpicks and some tissue paper.  We were amazed!  She hand-painted me a little keepsake box with some special words on it.


She also made me this scrapbooking matchbook style memory keepsake full of Mother poems and a handwritten note inside and lots of pull-out pictures.


She made me cry…

Conner got me a Willow Tree figurine to go with the one he got me last year…


Chris & Laura got me the cutest basket and throw pillows and Jason and Lindsay got me a beautiful picture for the wall.  

I felt very blessed and it was a great day.   It was awesome to have my Mom here and spend the day with her!  I love you Mom!


Hope you all had a Blessed and Happy Mother’s Day as well!



  • BlueRain

    May 12, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    Cool pics, cute post, thx.
  • Cheryl

    May 12, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Nice pics.....Mother's Day weekend was nice. glad we got to share part of it together.
  • MIL Fran

    May 13, 2009 at 9:47 am

    love the pics and the evident love gifts from your children.

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