Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Celebration

August 10, 2009Katie


Fifty years ago on August 8th, 1959, my parents got married.

Ahhh that first kiss.  I wonder if it was really the first kiss…well as a married couple I mean!


I love these black-and-white pictures from 50 years ago.  I love the men in their white jackets and peg-leg black pants.  I love the girls’ June Cleaver dresses and their wide-brimmed summer hats.  I love to say that my parents have been married for fifty years.


Can you imagine someone who’s been married fifty years? I haven’t even been alive that long, yet alone lived, breathed and shared toothpaste with someone in the same house  for that many years.

Maybe it has to do with the age of innonence – the 50’s.

balconyLook at my mom looking over this balcony.  She is way up high, dreaming of the life in front of her, really in love with that dark, wavy-haired man with the cute sideways grin waiting for her at the altar.


Look at all the ladies with bonnets and hats on…when will that come back in style? I wanna know, cuz I think it’s adorable, classy and ohhhh so chic.

While we in Michigan, Mom got out her dress…the same dress she wore 50 years ago.


It was a bit yellowed and wrinkled. But guess who wanted to try it on?

Her granddaughters.  That’s who.


I know it’s not their dress, but as a mom, I breathed in deeply, a little unnervingly seeing them in my Mom’s wedding dress….


I’m having a hard enough time with them both leaving for college this month.

We had a great time visiting my folks in Michigan and seeing all the people coming to their 50th Anniversary Party.


There was cake.

Cake makes every day a party.

There was food.


People enjoyed the food.  Cuz the food was wonderful. It was catered by a good old German friend.  German food is yummy, delicious, and will add 10 or 15 pounds onto your hips immediately.


It was neat to see the people who came to pay honor to my folks.  It ain’t easy being married that many years! It takes a lot of hard work, unconditional love and forgiveneess.  Ask anyone who’s been married more than a week.


This is mom with my cousin Dina, who wrote the book The Sock Monkeys Guide to Safety. (you ahould read it, it’s hilarious!), and my other cousin Di.  We practically moved in at her house over our vacation.  She has the coolest new home complete with a lake, a stream, a pool, the woods as her backyard, and all the frogs and turtles her 3 boys can catch at their very fingertips.

And she has a really neat garden and compost box too.

I don’t know why that has anything to do with my folk’s anniversary…

More guests…my cousin Beth’s family.   She is married to a dentist who is also a pastor.  He will pray the cavities right out of your teeth!


I wish it worked that way.  I think I could use him right now.

See my mom’s veil  in this picture?


That’s it on the guestbook table….


The ceremony is over and they run out amidst pelting of rice.


Ahhhh the 50’s.  Long before we worried about being politically correct and making bird’s tummies swell with rice.  Now you get pelted with birdseed.  That’s just …

I’m just saying.

Who wants birdseed thrown at them?

On second thought, who wants rice thrown at them either?

I love this picture of my mom getting ready for her honeymoon.


And everyone wishing the happy couple farewell.



And off they go…the start of fifty years together.

I love my parents.  I’m so glad they’ve had fifty wonderful years together.


Looking forward to 75!


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  • Rhonda Baum

    August 11, 2009 at 2:58 am

    I was so greatful to have been invited. It was a great party and see my family was awesome. Besides there was pictures of my dad (the best man) You could say i was there too LOL.
  • Fran J

    August 11, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    the pictures were wonderful and creative. What a happy couple. Congratulations on your 50 year celebration.
  • Fran J

    August 11, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    went to your cousin Dina's site about the monkeys, Joe and Moe. funny site. bet the books funny, too.
  • Gaye Jacob

    November 8, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Gregg's parents were married on August 7, 1959! We had an anniversary party for them at our house on August 1st. A lot of work for us, Gregg's sister and brother and sis-in-law, but worth it. Lots of wonderful memories. Their pictures and styles are almost identical - isn't that funny?! We are missing you at home group - hope to see you this month! Love, Gaye
    1. dishinanddishes

      November 8, 2009 at 11:45 pm

      Miss Gaye. We miss you guys too! We hope to be there! The 50th was a honor to witness. We should all strive to have that kind of commitment!

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