Molten Lava Cupcakes

February 13, 2013Katie

Molten Lava Cake

Recipe redo!  I chose to make this dessert for our Girls Night Out on Saturday.  Nothing says “Girls” better than chocolate sauce, strawberries, ice cream and a gooey-warm chocolate cake.  These would also be a fabulous dessert to make for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

Mix up a few ingredients with your mixer, and spoon into greased cups.  These can be made ahead and then popped into the oven during dinner so they come out warm and oozing chocolaty goodness shortly after your meal is finished.  Or make them up for a dessert and drinks party for a spectacular presentation that is an ease to prepare after you go out on the town with friends.

These ingredients harmonize together like the best of friends, and complimented a gathering of women sure to become the best of friends as well.

These cakes are super-simple and one recipe  makes 12 muffi- size cupcakes.

Buy one box each of these.

You’ll need four each of these individually wrapped squares out of each box.

Melt all eight of them with one stick and 2 tablespoons of butter in the microwave.

Start with one minute.  After one minute mine looked like this.

Pop it back in for another minute.

The butter was completely melted after this minute and I could just stir now and the chocolate would continue to melt as I stirred.

You want to be careful and not microwave too long or you will burn the chocolate..and then you will have to start over. When it’s all smooth and there are no chunks of chocolate left in the bowl, scrape it into a mixing bowl.

Add in 1/2 cup of flour and 1 and 1/2 cups of powdered sugar.  And yes you heard me correctly.  The small amount of flour is what will make the gooey center.

Mix this up a bit.  It will be rather thick.

Also dump in 3 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks.  Save those egg whites for when you feel guilty tomorrow and want to make an egg white omelet!

Oops! I almost forgot! Add in one teaspoon of vanilla.

Mix this all up again for about 30-45 seconds.  It will get nice and smooth and creamy.

Spray your muffin tins with baking spray (this makes 12).

Do you know the difference between Mr. W and I in the kitchen?  The first time I sprayed a muffin tin in front of him (over the stove), he said, “You HAVE to spray the muffin tin over the sink.  That way, you won’t get any on your cupboards or stove!”

Sounds good…I’d never thunk about it before.

I also like to use an ice cream scooper to scoop the batter into the tins. Spray it with your baking spray (over the SINK of course!) and it will allow the batter to slide right out.

Bake these for exactly 10 minutes in a 425º oven.  NO LONGER!

Serve them up with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup drizzled over the plate, and a shake of powdered sugar.  A sliced strawberry has a pretty effect too!

Make these for your next get together…women will love you.  Men will worship your feet.  And your children might actually do the dishes.


See the printable recipe here.

One word of caution.  I removed the muffin-size cakes after 10 minutes and they were perfect. I made the mistake of sticking them back into a warm oven while we women yakked.  The center hardened up too much from the warmth.  Serve these within 3-5 minutes of removing from the oven for best results!

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