Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante

March 8, 2013Katie

A few weeks ago, I begged our friends Sandra and Noel to take us to this fantastic and authentic Mexican seafood restaurant they’d showed us pictures of on their phone – Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante. You may remember Sandra and Noel from an earlier story about their addictive hotdogs and you’ll also know they are Hispanic of origin, therefore, I knew when they recommended this place, it was going to be flipping GOOD!

Also, Sandra, along with my friend Joy, was my partner in crime the first time I went to Bobo’s food truck. Sandra likes good food as much as I do. I can count on her. Of course we dragged Joy and Dale along with us (most willingly I assure you).

The four of us got there first, walked into the restaurant and realized we were totally inept to do anything until Sandra and Noel got there. We didn’t speak Spanish and everyone else did.

2013-02-16 18.44.33

I must tell you right off the bat, you might feel a little uncomfortable not knowing Spanish at this place, but mercy, if we’d let that stop us, we would have missed some doggone wonderful food.  Food is the universal language and crosses many divides my friends.  And if you want to please everyone, just have a bunch of hot sauces to fit all taste buds like Mi Lindo does.

2013-02-16 05.35.12

Once Sandra and Noel got there and took over, we were seated and took a glance at the rather large menu.

2013-02-16 17.49.50

Once again, I’ll warn you, most of the menu is in Spanish so taking along a Spanish speaking friend would be a plus. However, most of the items also have an English title as well. If nothing else works, just point to the menu and you’ll be fine.

I saw this page of the menu and knew right off the bat I needed to order one of the Tostados (also labeled Seafood Toast).  This was a crunchy tortilla shell (still warm), and it was topped with shrimp ceviche. This was officially titled Ceviche de Cameron on the menu.  They also offer, fish, crab, octopus and aguachile, a spicier sauced version involving sliced cucumbers also.

2013-02-16 06.05.22

I ordered just one of these as an appetizer instead of the meal.  When I go back to Mi Lindo, I will order this as a meal because I absolutely fell in love with them.  Generously topped with avocado, which is the best friend of ceviche, in my opinion, this was my very favorite food item of the night. Fresh, healthy and delicious, if you’re a ceviche fan, you’ve got to try this.

Sandra and Noel also ordered us an appetizer that they said we’d love.   The Toritos de Camaron.

2013-02-16 06.01.12

Merciful heavens…these peppers, commonly referred to as yellow jalapenos but probably are really a caloro pepper (which is a little like a banana pepper).

2013-02-16 06.01.57

They aren’t too hot and they are stuffed with shrimp and cheese, wrapped in bacon and oven roasted until the bacon is crisp.  They sit in a sea of brown sauce that is soy based and they are delicious!

2013-02-16 06.02.28

Next up Sandra’s and Noel’s son ordered Nachos.

2013-02-16 06.16.21

These were typical nachos, except for the exceptionally juicy tender beef that was on them and they came with a hefty portion of guacamole on the side.

Joy ordered the Beef Tacos and they too had that yummy juicy beef.

2013-02-16 06.16.35

As usual with street tacos, they came out on double stacked corn tortillas with some cilantro, some lime to squeeze overtop and a different salsa than came with our chips…a roasted spicy version that will knock you over.  I didn’t taste these but I believe Joy enjoyed them.

Sandra ordered this delicious concoction of shrimp in a cheese sauce blended with green chilies.

2013-02-16 06.19.27


I think this may have been an appetizer as we dipped chips into it and then fished out the shrimp one at a time…oh my gosh was this yummy!  Imagine a spicy alfredo sauce with shrimp in it…that’s what this is.

2013-02-16 06.14.21

Dale ordered the Steak dinner…this is reminscent of a Guatemalan steak dinner, with a thinly slice steak, seasoned with an adobe seasoning and grilled. It was served with some grilled spring onions, another sizeable portion of guac and some pico and sour cream along with rice and beans.

You don’t have to worry about going home hungry at Mi Lindo.

Noel got one of my favorite things on the planet.  I am not sure what they’re called at Mi Lindo, but I know them as Cocktail de Camerone (shrimp cocktail).  They are also sometimes referred to as Cóctel Vuelve a la Vida or even Campechana)  I love them so much that I make them at home (see my recipe here).  Mi Lindo’s is packed with loads of tomatoes, onions, avocado and large shrimp and it is topped with what looks like an entire avocado.

2013-02-16 06.13.14

As always, I am saving the craziest for last…this is what Mr. Wonderful and I ordered…

2013-02-16 06.19.00

The Parrillada Mexicana (Spanish for barbeque), is a mixed grill monstrosity set in a terra cotta serving dish in the shape of an animal. Our animal was a fish, but sometimes you’ll get a pig or a cow.   It is three kinds of fajita meat, chicken, beef and pork marinated then grilled with a variety of whole chilies and spring onions.

Not being a pork fan, I found myself continually returning to the pork…it was outstanding, crisp outside and juicy inside.  It was fun to watch the Wonderful guy and Noel sample the different peppers.

2013-02-16 18.41.40

They were saying things like “YOU try it first!”.  I let them be the guinea pigs then I tried the milder ones.

Hey I ain’t no dummy over here.

I might also just suggest  to you split this between four people if you go, as we took half of it home.  Dale tried to hone in on the action and Mr. W. pretended to fend him off, but in reality, this was a feast for more than two.

2013-02-16 06.18.16

As I’m writing this post, the authentic flavors and fresh ceviche memories are making my mouth water. I hope you’ll venture off the well worn path and try out Mi Lindo Restaurante for a taste bud adventure. It may not be the fanciest place, or the quietest place, but take a loud group of friends with you like we did and try out some of these fantastic dishes…you’ll be glad you did.

Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante
4609 S. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
(405) 684-9507

Here’s a map to help you find Mi Lindo!

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