Me and The Supremes or How to Section a Grapefruit

April 7, 2012Katie

Ever get one of those beautiful salads with segmented oranges, tangerines or grapefruits scattered over them?

Those are called “supremes” and with a little practice, you too can make them!

Take a grapefruit (or orange or tangerine) and get your sharpest knife and cutting board.

Starting as close to the top of the fruit as you can get, make a slice downward through the peel as close as you can without cutting much of the fruit itself.

Contine making these slices around the fruit.

It’s a little messy, especially if you have a good juicy fruit.  When you’re done, there may be a little rind still left on the top.  Just trim it off.

Next, hold up your fruit and look for the white membrane that separates the segments.

At this point, I switched to a smaller, serrated knife, just because it’s my preference.  It’s easier to manipulate into the sections.  Slice as closely as possible to the white membrane segment line.

Now look for the second side of this segment and angling your knife, slice down the other side of it.

The segment should fall free onto your knife or just come out with a little wiggling.

Drop it into a bowl and continue on with the other sections.

Keep on until the last segment is cut out.  But wait! This leftover segmented grapefruit that has now been stripped almost bare still has something to offer.

Not to waste anything, take the leftover segmented grapefruit, and give it a squeeze with your hand.

You may want to make a salad dressing out of this which would be delicious!   In that case, squeeze it into another bowl or jar.  You could mix in a little honey, some herbs, a little Dijon mustard and maybe some chopped shallots.  Just toss this with your “supremes”, some avocado, and your favorite lettuce for a refreshing citrus starter to your meal!

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