Ludivine’s Farm to Table Concept is just Divine

October 15, 2010Katie
805 N Hudson
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
reservations for 5 or more
Tuesday-Saturday 5-10 pm (not open for lunch)
Thursday night I went to try out the new Ludivine restaurant with these two gals – Vivian Boroff of Island Dreaming in Oklahoma and Molly, or Ms. Oklahomie from The Oklahomies.  When I arrived ( a little late), these two ladies were in the Ludivine’s adjoining bar next door watching mixologist Kyle Freischfresser work his science on some cocktails for them (something involving blood orange juice).

Ludivine is the creative partnership of Chefs Jonathon Stranger and Russ Johnson along with General Manager and partner Tracey Leird.  Add manager/mixologist Kyle  into the mix,  and you have a team that is young, full of fresh energy and one that brings forth some artful cuisine crafted for its diners.

I was super eager to dine at Ludivine, due to the fact that they’re using a farm to table concept by using 100% locally grown and raised vegetables, meat and dairy products.  Ludivine shops locally to find what’s in season , what’s good and their goal is to bring it to the table to give their diners a great, fresh food experience.  I love any eatery that supports local farms.

Ludivine is small, but charming, with little touches that wow, like pretty tableware and fresh flowers.

And okay, I really loved their silverware.  (Can you see the tines in those forks?) You’ll know what I  mean when you see it.  It’s the little things that get me.

You’ll notice right away that the kitchen is an open kitchen, and you can see the chefs whipping up their magic right in front of your eyes.

Especially if you choose to sit at the bar that wraps around the kitchen.

Our server Kyle,  brought us some fabulous rolls and breads in a basket.

Ludivine uses Prairie Thunder Bakery to supply their bread, which is always delicious.

To start out the meal, we ordered the Charcuterie ($10), which held Country Pate, Rabbit Rillette, Chicken Liver Mousse and local condiments with toast.

And don’t you just love the way they skewered the toast on that little pick?  See, I told you, it’s the little things!

Everything was good, but I absolutely fell in love with the Country Liver Mousse. It was silky, and fabulous.  And that fruity looking stuff in the center of the plate? Sand plum jam.   Yumm!

I ordered the Coq Au Vin ($22) which was scrumptious.

If you’ve never had Coq Au Vin, try it at Ludivine.  The broth, which consists of chicken stock, mushrooms and wine is really rich and has a lot of depth to it.  Use some of that Prairie Thunder bread to sop up every last bit of it.

Vivian ordered the Confit of Rabbit Leg ($24).

This was my first taste of rabbit, and it was wonderfully delicious.  It was moist, juicy and sat a top a bed of butternut squash puree, root vegetables and grain mustard jus.  Fabulous! I’m a rabbit fan now!

Perhaps the most ordinary sounding was the dish that Molly ordered Clear Creek Monastery Lamb Sandwich ($17), or in short – a lamb burger.

But it was anything but ordinary.  It was extraordinary!  One bite of this ground lamb burger that was smeared with a truffle aioli, and I was in foodie heaven. We all rolled our eyes up to heaven after tasting this. This had a wonderful side of satueed kale and some crispy butternut squash.

Kyle kept us happy chatting about the restaurant, and pouring water out of these beautiful vintage looking bottles.

And for dessert?  Stuffed, but wanting more, we opted to split the Foursome of Desserts ($12).

This consisted of corn ice cream ( yes you read that correctly – corn), blueberry soup, a chocolate terrine and a chocolate cookie with a cherry type of mousse sandwiched between its crunchy layers.  It was the perfect ending to our meal.

If you’re looking for a quaint special place to dine, check out Ludivine soon.  You’ll truly enjoy it.

For more, check out their Facebook page for constantly updated videos on where they’re finding their local food and new things they’re introducing.

Want to see a video right now?  Check out the staff on this video!

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