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September 25, 2012Katie

Once upon a time, sisters Melissa Scaramucci, Heather Steele and Abby Clark decided to give up their jobs and create a fairy tale restaurant.  It would be sourced by local farmers and be a farm to fork eatery in Oklahoma.

This restaurant would be contemporary; beautiful inside and out and provide lovely food, both of which are nice, but not necessarily stuff of Grimm’s quality.

What they dreamed of for their fairy tale, was that while you dined, professional childcare folk would care for your wee little ones and give them a fairy tale of their own to jump into, including a childlike but healthy menu created just for them, someone to read them stories, and a play place that makes Chucky Cheese and it’s cheap thrills …well, just look like cheap thrills.

This place let couples have a date night out, while their kids have a blast, and the cuisine the got to dine on would be fresh, inventive, and created with as many local ingredients as possible.  Items like hand-cut potato chips tossed in truffle oil, a Farmer Market salad with homemade green goddess dressing and herbed goat cheese and seasonal desserts like Warm Apple Crumble spiced and topped with vanilla gelato.  There would be a local chef that was loved by all to prepare this feast and also a bar master to offer organic wines, locally brewed beer and creative cocktails like the Local Bee Knees, a creation of bombay gin, local Oklahoma honey and fresh lemon juice.

Guess what folks?

This fairy tale has become a reality called Local, and it resides in the heart of Norman and you too can be a part of its story.

Local has a beautiful patio that is shaded and decorated with greenery for your al fresco dining pleasure.

The entrance features a classy waiting/hostess area with a large chalkboard type painting of Oklahoma that houses special events or featured drinks and menu items.

The interior is spacious and beautiful, and features locally crafted glass pieces and chandelier by Oklahoma artists Rick and Tracey Bewley of Art Fusion Studio in Oklahoma City.

There are several dining room spaces with tables and booths upholstered by the sisters themselves in a retro-hip color scheme.

This includes a beautiful room featuring local artists and private dining behind this lovely curtain.

There is also a beautiful bar area where Jeff Cole, the Bar Master of Local works his magic. The bar is separated from the restaurant by some of the gorgeous glass art of Art Fusion.

And I can’t wait to tell all you folks with young children about this part.

Let me introduce you to Localville my friends.

Every parents’ dream while dining out. Heck, it would have been MY dream, but my kids are too old now, doggone it!

Localville is a 2000 square foot play area where you can let your kids play and eat off of their own special menu while you dine like grown-ups with your special someone or a group of friends.  You check your kiddos in at this front station.

Then they are secured behind that wall with a bevy of exciting choices.

Localville heaven.  There is a small village of play houses including a house, a store, a pet shop, a tool shop, a reading area with umbrella trees and beanbags nesting under them, and a media room for them to watch children’s movies in.  They will also be read the featured book of the day, do seasonal crafts and generally, just have a ball at Localville.

Your kids will eat a meal off the locally-sourced, healthy (but yummy) Kid’s Menu.  They get to enjoy kid items, like handmade Cheese Ravioli, or Oklahoma farm-fresh Scrambled Eggs or how about Meatloaf Cupcakes?  You pick a veggie and a fruit to go with it and a water bottle, juice box or milk carton comes with it as well!

And while they’re having a blast, you can be out enjoying Local’s delicious adult menu, or your kids can join you, but if so, you better not tell them about Localville if you want them to eat with you! It’s probably a battle you’re going to lose.

While there, I dined with two of my grown-up kids on a Sunday when Local serves a fabulous brunch.  It’s served Family style and they’ll keep bringing you plates if you need more.

Brunch was served in three courses.  I’ll let you read the menu below. (It changes weekly)

It’s a good thing they gave us refills because while I was talking to Chef Ryan, my kids scarfed down the First-a delicious collection of sweet and savory breads and a fruit and cheese platter.

Not long after we received our seconds – a hearty platter of homemade and Portuguese sausages, eggs, and maple cured bacon (cured in house!).

It came out with these sundried tomato cheese grits with some delicious sauces with a southwest flare, something Chef Ryan does truly well. I really enjoyed these.

And finally, what the kids had been waiting for…our Third.  The Tiramasu Pancakes.

These pancakes had an espresso chocolate sauce on them along with homemade whipped cream.  My son ordered seconds of this.  The pancakes change weekly from Red Velvet to Whole Wheat with Yogurt and Granola.  In fact the menu at Local is subject to change daily due to what’s in season and fresh locally. I love this in an eatery.

We loved the brunch at Local but there was one more stop before we left.

The Local Market.

My daughter Tori had fun in the Market.  There are OU clothes, and other fun items to shop for.  There is also a food market, where you can stop and pick up dinner to take home, all sourced by Local and you can even buy meat from the freezer case.

I hope you’ll make a visit to Local, with or without kids.  You’re going to love this place and what it’s about.

We know we did.

Want the recipe Ryan made on Rise & Shine with us this morning?  You can get it here!

Printable Recipe – Pumpkin Coconut Soup with Corn Relish

2262 W. Main St.
Norman, OK
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