Let Us Grow Patio Lettuce

September 22, 2011Katie

Since my garden got baked to death this summer during our drought, I thought I’d play it safe and plant something portable…you know in pots, that could be moved in or out according to our crazy weather here.  After reading Jamie Oliver’s cookbook and his motivating me to patio garden, it seems, you can just plant it in pots, coffee cans, or even a burlap bag and cut it and it will just keep growing back!

So I planted some different lettuce pots.

And just for added measure, I decided to live dangerously and sprinkle some seeds into my herb bed as well.

You know, lettuce sprouts really quickly.  As in 2-3 days!

And in just a week and a half…it looks like this.  Who knows…in another week, I may just be walking out to my backyard to make a salad!



  • Crystal@PatioUmbrellasOnline.com

    November 24, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    I had a garden for a couple of years. It was about 15 foot long, and I planted 2 rows of lettuce and 15 tomato plants. I couldn't eat lettuce-tomato sandwiches fast enough before the bugs got them. But it all tasted better than store-bought.

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