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August 9, 2011Katie

Lemon Grass Thai
253 S. Santa Fe
Edmond, OK 73003

My daughter Kayla and I mistakenly wound up in Edmond for a baby shower on the wrong day.  Having made the drive, we ventured across the street to a Thai place my crazy motorcycle mama, skydiving world traveler friend Lisa had told me about – Lemongrass Thai.

We loved the atmosphere inside – nicely decorated, clean and cozy.

I probably would have opted for something a little more out of the ordinary, but the young redhead was begging for these, and they really didn’t disappoint. We received a generous portion of eight of these babies lined up and each one was fully loaded and crispy hot outside. Delicious.

I ordered the Panang Curry and it was wonderful.  The coconut milk was thick and creamy and the spice of the curry cut through it beautifully.  The vegetables were crisp tender and not overcooked.

Ladled over rice, this curry was so delicious and I received quite the sizable portion.

The young  redhead ordered what she always does – Pad Thai.

This is everything that Pad Thai should be.  Not the cloyingly sweet and gooey Pad Thai American places have made it to be.  It’s a bit drier (appropriately) but very very good.  To me, good Pad Thai is all about the perfect balance from the tamarind, palm sugar and chilies that is between sweet  and sour and that bit of heat that hits the back of your tongue going down…and Lemongrass does it perfectly.

This was my first, and certainly not my last experience at Lemongrass Thai.  I’ll be back to try some of their dinner offerings like their Spicy Green Fried Rice, a rice with green curry paste stir fried into it, their Tom Kha soup (one of my favorite things in the world), and their Spicy Salmon.

And those curries, because I measure success on the curries…and the one I had was king.

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  • Fran J

    August 10, 2011 at 7:53 am

    everything looks yummy and probably tasted great, too.

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