I am becoming fascinated with geography.

I confess, that in high school, geography was  boredom, a period filler, a class I wrote notes in…like “What are you doing tonight? Did you see Joni’s psychedelic legwarmers?”

Okay, I totally just dated myself.

However, I am not only a political junkie at heart, but a geography one as well and tonight, for some unknown, “Katie Moment”, I focused on …


Scroll up and look at that map again.

Can you find it?

Let me help you zero in.

I had NO idea how tiny Kuwait was.

You know what? The small Middle East country of Kuwait, an independent Arab Emirate, holds 10 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves. TEN PERCENT!  From that little piece of land? You kidding me?

A little history – during the 1940’s, Kuwait’s oil resources began to emerge,  and on TV, with the world watching, Iran attacked them on August 2, 1990.  A U.S. led United Nations assault protected them and liberated them in just four days.  Now I know Kuwait is not the picture of a Christian nation, or a model of peace.  Yes I know they’ve made some bad alliances.  What struck me is how a little bitty piece of dirt can furnish the World with energy.

Lots of energy.

Are you a tiny nation that’s a sleeping giant? God used those who were small.  Think of Gideon, David, Rahab, Esther, Mary, and twelve little-known men who would give  birth to the church of Eternity.  Check out Jesus actual  lineage sometime.  You’ll see a king who murdered, a prostitute and a queen who commited adultery.  God wanted us to know that it’s okay if we’ve screwed up.  We can get past it and do great things for him!

Have you ever stopped to think that it is no coincidence that God used small people to become great leaders?  I believe that He did just that to encourage those of us who grow up in a small town, with small beliefs to become giant warriors of God.

What dream has God put in you today?

Have you given up because you think you’re mediocre?

What about a boy tending sheep for years who was crowned the greatest King that Israel ever saw?

How about the young man chosen to save Israel who was hiding from the enemy in the winepress? Can’t you just see him there with his grape-stained feet?  Gideon overcame enormous odds because God was with him.

What about a lovely young, Jewish, orphan woman, who was horrified to be snatched from her home and taken to become one of many in the harem of King Xerxes to be a potential queen candidate?  God chose her “for such a time as this” to save the nation of Israel!

How about you? What mediocre job are you hiding at right now, thinking that you’ll never make a difference?  Have you thought about the fact that you are where you are for “such a time as this”?  That you are where you are to lead a person or people from out of the pit into victory?  Maybe you had to experience that pit to understand…

God apparently relishes in nourishing “small things”.  Discover your potential today.  Understand that God knew you in your mama’s belly and He had a plan mapped out for you.  Did you deter from it? It’s not too late….trudge back through the path of weeds and stickers you’ve been walking on and step onto the path of redemption, love and acceptance that will bring you the peace you’ve longed for.  Go to bed tonight with the blissful feeling of comfort in His arms.

He believes in you.

And He loves you besides.

You…just you, in all your smallness. And all your greatness, waiting to be discovered.

You’re special.

If you just let yourself be…in Him.

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