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September 21, 2021Katie
KJ's Sauces

Last year my love of gardening and cooking came together and the result was our new little hot sauce company called KJ’s Sauces.

We were harvesting scads upon scads of peppers in our garden and wondering what in the world to do with them all.

Someone – I can’t remember who, suggested we try making hot sauce.

I researched and read techniques and finally fell upon the fermenting method. Then I began trying and testing combinations of peppers, other vegetables and spices and herbs.

The fermenting process takes some time, but even thought fermented sounds somewhat of a gross word, it really adds layers of flavor and funk to the hot sauce that you just can’t get by mixing it straight up. It’s been really fun watch it bubble after a few days and watch it do its thing.

fermenting peppers

One year later guess what? We have a sauce lineup of seven different hot sauce flavors.

Sit down my dear and let me tell you about them alllllll……

*Charred Red

Our Charred Red features a slightly- smoky mix of fire-grilled poblanos, red habaneros and dried whole ancho chiles (think poblano’s smoky side). It is wonderful on any beef- based taco like carne asada, beef fajitas or right off a spoon! Medium heat.

KJs Charred Red

*Charred Green

Charred Green has a smokey verde taste with a splash of fresh lime to balance it out. Great on everything from roast pork loin to grilled chicken wings. it is also our preferred sauce on breakfast items like eggs and omelets.  Medium heat range.

KJs Charred Green



KJ’s Chipotle Gourmet Hot Sauce is full of spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness from molasses, and includes smoky chipotles and Mexican spices and herbs. It’s fantastic on BBQ anything.

KJs Chipotle


Blended with cayenne and other vegetables and a touch of habanero. Simple and pure. I can’t tell you how many people have actually told us they didn’t think they liked Louisiana-style and then they try ours and buy it!

Lousiana Hot Sauce

*Mango Habanero

Our Mango Habanero Is made with fresh ingredients, is fermented with layers of fruit and veggies and orange habaneros which give it that beautiful color. You get a little of the sweetness from the fruit but then BAM, that heat, which hits you first with fruity bites, creeps up on you with a nice burn. Try it on shrimp or fish tacos, (of course chicken wings), or even swirled on top of hummus! Medium to hot heat range.

Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

*Pineapple Habanero

This hot sauce features a spicy tropical hint of pineapple flavor mixed with the heat of habaneros. Try it on fish or shrimp tacos, pork, grilled seafood and more! Heat range – medium to hot.

Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce

*Strawberry Peach Habanero

The rosy glow on this habanero hot sauce comes from fresh juicy peaches and ripe strawberries. The ladies seem to love this one a lot because it’s a little sweet and a little spicy just like them! Heat range medium to hot.

fruity hot sauce


So there you have it! One for every spicy taste bud and more!

Before long we were scrambling to keep up production. Friends have been sending to friends and taking to work and we have quite a little following now.

We’re very proud of the flavors in our hot sauce. Most of the store-bought sauces, like for instance Louisiana, just don’t have the expanded flavor profiles of our sauces, but just seem to have heat and nothing else. We’ve created a page on this site at the top right corner to help you find your way to our KJ’s Sauces site whenever you need a new bottle!

We would love for you to try them. Be watching for a giveaway soon!

KJ's Sauces hot sauce

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