Keep Your Containers Stain-Free

February 25, 2010Katie

I may be the only person alive who doesn’t know this.  I also didn’t know that you could bend in the ends of the tin foil boxes to hold it steady until someone sent me one of those forwarded email.  I checked Snopes and it was for real.

So just in case anyone has been living in a Tupperware cave, like me…you’ll be excited for this tip…

See, ever since they came out with those super-inexpensive disposable containers? Well, I mean, what’s the point when either the lid disappears or the entire set disappears out of your cupboard and no one has an idea where they’ve gone? I’m just not going to pay $60 for plastic that vanishes without a trace.

Don’t ya hate it when you put something tomato-ey in a plastic storage container and it stains?  Even if it is one of the cheapo ones.

Spray your Tupperware and freezer containers with baking spray before filling them with foods that stain, like spaghetti sauce.  It keeps them stain free.

Cuz we all know how expensive those containers are.  You’d have to sell your first born to replace them.  So try it!


  • Sheila

    February 26, 2010 at 9:16 am

    I didn't know that about the foil box either. Very interesting!

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