Kayla's Mission Trip to Haiti…and A Nervous Mom

July 23, 2009Katie


It was a very early morning drive to the airport – like 4:30 A.M early.

We waited in line at the airport with some tired, but excited teenagers.


Did you know that plain, white v-neck t-shirts are all the rage around here?

I’m SERIOUS.  Everyone of them wore one.

Please pay careful attention to the cutie patootie girls with their hair straightened, their makeup carefully applied, and the comforting look they have of being in nice, cool air-conditioning.

They were about to get a rude awakening.

For you see, Kayla, my recently graduated daughter, was going to Haiti on her first official “go to a third world country” mission trip.  She went to Mission of Hope – Haiti.  This is a Mission that houses an orphanage, a church, a school, and a hospital.  The orphanage houses 58 children, who were left with no care in the streets of Haiti.  Fifty-eight children cared for – that leaves approximately 399,942 children living and sleeping on the streets of Haiti on a daily basis.  Doesn’t that break your heart?

Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas due to decades of violence and instability. They currently have an 80% unemployment rate. Their daily minimum wage is $2.50/hour. Seriously? You can’t even get a sandwich anymore for $2.50.

The hosue in this picture is probably considered a rather decent house…


Others, not so much…


View of the street on the way to Mission of Hope from the airport.


Anywhere there is poverty, there is unrest…and unfortunately -violence.

Not a Mom’s idea of a peaceful night’s rest.  Or a peaceful mind during the day either for that matter.

We trudged to the airport at 4:30 A.M..


Met up with a bunch of other excited young men and women.

One of Kayla’s best friends Taylor went along.



And then the time came…


Because of the security checks, they had to leave us. We watched as they went off on an adventure of a lifetime.

We all as parents breathed a collective sigh of worry.

And went back home.  No phone calls for a week.  No e-mail.

Just our faith in God and the belief that He would protect them and use them for something special.

And He did.

Come back tomorrow to hear Kayla as my guest blogger give her first-hand account of her trip.



  • Fran J

    July 23, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    can't wait to hear all about it.

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