It’s That Time..Gardening!

March 17, 2011Katie

It’s that time of year…the time that makes me antsy and giddy with pleasure.

Yes it’s St. Patrick’s Day…and I’m not cooking one thing Irish or green…except for smashed potatoes and roasted asparagus tonight..does that count?

But I am doing something green…well..sorta.  Green as in plants.

Time to plant herbs!

Okay, Mr. Wonderful chides me every year for jumping the gun, because we inevitably have a frost sometime in late March.   But I’m always off for a week on spring break and it is just TOO tempting! I miss my herbs and my beloved basil so much over the winter, I just had to stick in a few plants yesterday and scatter some seeds.

I also adore rosemary.  I had to replant this year because that dratted Thai basil I planted last year choked out my rosemary plant last year.

Incidentally, I also have to encourage you each year to buy a $3 plant at your local nursery.  With just a little water and a sunny spot, you can enjoy fresh basil and make things like pesto, and bruschetta all summer long!

Buy a package of popsicle sticks and write on them with a Sharpie marker for plant markers.  Buy a few packets of herb seeds (usually$1/packet) and sprinkle them over some churned up soil in your garden.  Water and mark with the popsicle sticks for a super inexpensive start.  Or use these dirt cheap markers with a grease crayon available at most nurseries or Home Depot. I’ve had remarkably great luck with herb seeds, especially basil.

You’ll get so excited when you see those little green shoots popping up!

Or, if you can’t wait, just buy a few plants.  Some of my favorites are rosemary which I’ve already mentioned.

Basil.  I’ll be able to start picking this in a matter of weeks.


Chives.  (These came back from last year!)

And flat leaf parsley, which comes back as well, but I think only for 2 years.  Be careful with parsley.  I cut out the bottom of this pot and sink it to contain it.  It tends to spread like crazy.

I am also excited about my sage plant, which returns every year.  I’ve recently acquired a love for sage.’s not JUST for Thanksgiving anymore!  That’s it you see below on the white hasn’t yet decided to come back.

I’m also trying some lavendar this year.  It’ll make my patio smell pretty.

This year I planted Nasturium seeds all around the edge of my herb garden.  The flowers are edible and look pretty in salads but it will also add a pretty touch to the herb garden.

Plant some herbs this spring and enjoy them all summer!

It’s strangely rewarding!


  • Beth

    March 17, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    I've NEVER been the gardening type (too much work and I don't like dirt on my hands) but I might consider a couple of big terra cotta pot herb gardens ... and a Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree!
  • Garden hammock

    March 21, 2011 at 2:21 am

    I love this time of year, everything is coming back to life and all the seedlings I sowed last month are really starting to spurt, it won't be long before they go in the ground

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