Is There a Lumberjack in Every Man?

December 9, 2010Katie

Last year Mr. Wonderful took off to parts unknown with a chainsaw to cut firewood.

He didn’t answer his phone for hours.  I worried and waited and was about to go looking for him until I realized that “parts unknown” meant I had no idea where to look for him.

I had visions of him laying in the woods, the victim of a chainsaw accident with no one to help him.

I chewed his butt out but good when he got home.  I think he laughed at me.

So last weekend, the lumberjack bug struck again.

But this time, I suggested he take one of our kids with him and Jason, who has the truck, was all too willing to go be “he-manly” with his dad.

I’m not sure that lumberjacks are technically supposed to wear blue tooth headsets while they forage and chop, but I figured if Jason got maimed by the chainsaw, it was probably a good plan after all.  I mean, if one arm got hacked off, he could just reach up and push a button with his good arm and call 911.  Right?

So anyway, they showed up several hours later with a truckload of wood and got to axing away.

I knew the next morning, they were gonna be sore.  So like a good wife and mom, I did what I do best.

I snapped some pictures for memory sake.

I knew they’d want memories of themselves being lumberjack he-men.

Because inside of every man…

Isn’t there a “go-hunt-and chop” guy just waiting to get out?

I’m convinced there is.

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