I'm a Horrible Pageant-Mom

November 16, 2009Katie


My oldest daughter Tori was in the Miss Southwestern Pageant at her college for the 2nd year in a row.

I am not a pageant mom.

I get nervous.  I get sick to my stomach.  And I get mad at the point value system they use.  I think when my daughter answers a question intelligently, that they should weight that to like…95% of her total points.

Tori loves the whole beauty queen thing and she has actually received scholarship money for participating, so of course, I am going to be her biggest chearleader.

And she sure looked gorgeous.

This is what I call the “Headshot Table”.  All the girls’ pictures were lined up for you to view as you entered.

The picture table

The theme was Route 66 and the girls performed a super cute dance number to start off the show.

Opening Dance

They all wore jean skirts and matching pageant t-shirts for the dance.

Opening Number

It was just like at the Miss America pageant.  Except for the Mario Lopez part.

There was the dreaded “pick a question out of the fishbowl” part.

Answering her question

Thud.  Thud. Thud

That was the sound of my heart as I waited to hear the question.

“Contestant #6, tell me about your dress that you’ll wear tonight”.

Phewwwwwwww…that was the sound of my exhale.  There was no “Tell me about what you think about the war in Afghanistan”.  Not even a “Tell us what you think about the new proposed healthcare plan?”.  How lucky can you get?

Next was the fitness competition, formerly known as the swimsuit portion of the evening.

The swimsuit pose

I have to tell you.  I think she looked really good.  And anyone who has the guts to parade around in front of an audience in a swimsuit?  Deserves a scholarship of some sort.

Ain’t no way I’m showing off these thighs in front of a crowd.

And there was my favorite, the Evening Gown Competition.  The girls each came out with a Little Star, or a little princess who got to walk with them across the stage.

The Little Stars all came out and got their Interview question by the departing Miss Southwestern.


Their question was so intense and intimidating, it hardly seemed fair.

“Who is your favorite Disney princess?”

Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel.  Then Miss Southwestern voiced her opinion, “My favorite is Jasmine”.  It was amazing.  The entire rest of the line answered Jasmine from that point on.  Peer pressure starts early these days, I tell ya…

These girls were just precious to watch in their darling little white dresses.

There were some gorgeous dresses.  By this time next year, I’m going to look this good in an evening gown.


Of course I thought this one was the most beautiful.

Evening Gown

But I may be a little biased.

Well heck, I know I am.  And can I just tell you? Watching your daughter continually walk across a stage in stilleto heels? It’s a bit nerve wracking.  Especially after they played the video clip of that poor pageant girl falling over and over.  I truly detest the media sometimes.  How cruel was that?

Then there was the Talent Competition. She belted out “I’m Goin Down” by Mary J. Blige.

Singing Competition

The girl can sing!   Sorry, I’ve been going a little nuts with the phot0-editing program lately.  But isn’t that cute?

And this one?


She really belted it out.  And in the most darling silver dress.


I’m totally going to borrow it.

When I can fit in it.

There was someone I fell in love with at intermission.  Mr. Wonderful? I have to admit something to you.  There’s a new man in my life…and his name is Duke.


Duke is the Southwestern mascot  bulldog and he completely captured my heart.  Duke has one trick.


Duke cracked me up.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a backbend as good as Duke did.

We had fun in the lobby afterward taking pictures.

This is Taylor, one of Tori’s best friends since they were babies together in the church nursery.


In fact, a lot of Tori’s friends showed up to cheer her on.  Good friends.

You know what you never want to do?  Be in a photo shot with a beauty pageant contestant.

Or for that matter, a skinny, tall, young redhead.

And in true beauty queen form, Tori showed her beauty queen charm

I may not be a beauty pageant mom, but I sure do love my beautiful daughter!  Tori, you’ll always be a winner to me.



  • Fran J

    November 17, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    she's a beauty, allright. You did just fine, mom

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