How to Self Pollinate Squash Blossoms

August 8, 2016Katie


Have you ever planted zucchini and had scads of blooms but don’t seem to be getting any zucchini? I do all the time here in Oklahoma.

Especially in the hot days of summer when the humidity keeps the pollen moist and it won’t drop like it it supposed to.

Never fear! You can do it yourself very easily with an inexpensive little tool you may have already around the house.

A small paint brush. You know like those inexpensive ones your kids used to paint watercolors when they were little?

Photo Jul 29, 8 54 59 PM

You could also use a cotton swab but I don’t think it works as well. You can also pick a male flower and peel off the leaves and just rub it inside the female flower also. Take your pick!

Make sure your brush is clean and then gently brush it inside the male squash flower. Male flowers have a skinny stem.

Photo Jul 29, 8 53 37 PM


Female flowers have a bump behind them. This bump is what will become the squash eventually.

Swirl the brush gently around the stamen in the male flower then swirl it inside the female flower.

And that’s it!

Photo Jul 30, 8 22 46 AM

Hopefully this will bring you some squash this year!

How to Self-Pollinate Squash Blossoms - Dishin & Dishes

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