How to Make Garlic Paste

February 4, 2010Katie

Sometimes you just want the lovely flavor of garlic, without biting into a solid piece of it.  My dad’s like that with onions. He’ll eat them cooked and soft, but doesn’t want to bite into a piece of onion.

Enter garlic paste.

Chop up a couple of cloves of garlic pretty fine.  Sprinkle some coarse salt over top. 

 I used Kosher, which is readily available at your local market, but you could use a coarse sea salt as well.  The point is for the salt to be coarse enough to act as an abrasive to break down the garlic. 

I guess it goes without saying that you should reduce the salt you’re going to use in your recipe as well, but there are beginners out there people.

I used to be one, so I’m clued in to those kind of people.

Take a large chef’s knife and working with the sharp edge of the knife, begin to smash and pull the knife over the garlic and salt, working the salt into the chopped garlic.

Keep smashing the two together with your knife.

And pretty soon, you’ll have garlic paste.  Your garlic will soften up and not have so much bite in whatever you put it in.

I love garlic, and I love anything to do with its preparation. I  hope you enjoy this tip!


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