How to Drain Spinach

April 7, 2012Katie

I have some recipes that need well-drained spinach.  The water that can remain in spinach can make a creamy dish watery, if not drained well enough.

I’ve tried lots of different ways to drain spinach.  I’ve tried the collander method.

That didn’t drain  well for me.  You either have to let sit for a long time, or try to push the water out with a spoon.  Too frustrating.

I’ve tried the towel method.

WAY too messy for me.  All those little bits of spinach stuck to my towels.  Who wants that in their washing machine?

And I’ve tried the paper towel method.

This one had potential, but sometimes the paper towel got too wet and shredded in the spinach.

Then I discovered this method.  The potato ricer method.

Nothing wasted, no messy towels and the driest-drained spinach you can hope for.

Bingo! That’s it!

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