Hosting the Perfect Easter Shindig

March 4, 2016Katie


If you’re planning on hosting this year’s Easter festivities at your home, these tips will help you create a shindig your family and friends won’t forget. The occasion falls on March 27th and will arrive before you know it, so get to planning and pull together an Easter party like you’ve always dreamed.

Easter Feaster

When it comes to planning for food, make sure you have a count of definite attendees to ensure you have the right amount of food. Classic fare includes ham and all the good fixings, but one trend that’s been really picking up steam lately is Easter brunch. From decadent French toast to cinnamon rolls, who says you have to wait for the chocolate bunnies to get your fill of sugar on this fun day? If you’re having a small occasion with your immediate family and don’t want to spend all of your time in the kitchen, have a gourmet meal delivered from If money is tight, make Easter a potluck occasion and invite everyone to bring their favorite Easter fare for a shared meal that hits the spot.

For the Centerpieces

The food will obviously look and smell delicious, but make sure you’ve got the appropriate table dressings to celebrate the occasion. One easy centerpiece idea that always comes through in a jiffy is to dress up any empty jars you might have laying around. Fill with pastel candy (M&M’s always have fun colors around any special holiday occasion) and tie a sweet ribbon around the middle of the jar. If you have vases to work with, pour some water in, filling it up about halfway. Then, use fresh fruit and citrus to make a floating arrangement that requires little effort but looks chic; my favorites are apples, lemons, and limes. If you don’t have time to create your own centerpieces, why not order Easter flowers with exclusively designed vases special for the occasion? It will perfectly set off your Easter décor without any effort at all.

Planning the Hunt

What’s Easter without a fantastic Easter egg hunt? If rain spoils your outdoor hunting plans, you can still make the search fun indoors. Instead of having the kids scramble all willy-nilly, you can create fun riddles that will have them running room to room in search of the next clue. Start with a fun riddle (kids love rhymes, hint hint) and send them on a journey throughout the house. Help your little ones develop their detective skills and watch as they work together to get to the mysterious prize at the end of the game.

Activities for All

From the tiniest of tots to the elders of the family, make sure you have activities that will appeal to all ages. Planning craft ideas for your artsy kids will result in beautiful Easter décor and hours of entertainment. Set up an art table and enlist the help of a teenager to make sure the little ones have the help they need with any tricky portions of your chosen craft. Put together an Easter photo booth with bunny years, baskets, and a funny backdrop for some tangible memories that everyone can look back on and laugh. Head to Michael’s to find inexpensive props you can use to make the photos even more hilarious.
An Egg Decorating Contest
What is Easter without some brightly colored eggs? Get everyone involved in the fun with an egg decorating contest to inspire imagination and promote family togetherness. Allow contestants of all ages, with different categories. Think under 10, under 20, and under 100. With fair age categories like this you’ll have family members trying to one up each other’s eggy creations in the funniest of ways. You can try decorative techniques outside of simply dyeing. From stickers to ribbons, tissue paper to glitter pens, family members of all ages will get in on the fun, making the Easter egg hunt more entertaining than ever later on.

A Sweet Treat

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without some delicious sweet treats and tasty indulgences. Beyond the usual peeps and hollow chocolate bunnies, you can inspire some creativity and create fun Easter-themed desserts in the kitchen with your kids. My personal favorite is the classic nest, formed with chocolate-covered pretzel sticks and melted marshmallows into the shape of a bird’s nest. I usually fill the center with jelly beans, but there are so many egg-shaped candies available in the candy aisle at this time of year, so take your kiddos and let them pick their favorites for a treat they’ll talk about all year long.
Easter will be here before you know it, so make sure you’re stocking up on all the fun treats, décor, and food items you’ll need. Planning ahead means less stress and more fun for everyone involved, so hit the ground running and impress all of your friends and family on this wonderful spring occasion.

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