Holi-DAZE Time

December 5, 2013Katie


Last week truly left me feeling a little dazed, most ever thankful and extremely full after a week full of Thanksgiving cooking and such.

We had perhaps the best turkey we’ve ever made. We are big fans of “dry brining” now.

The G-Babies were there in full force.


We were a small group this year which was a little different but was actually kind of nice!

Tori and I started a day or two early and had fun together making sweet potatoes and stuffing.

It was also our first year missing my youngest daughter Kayla who is at ministry school in California and couldn’t make it home. We missed her!
The weekend came and went and we celebrated Conner’s 20th birthday. He got the stomach flu and threw up the giant crab boil we made right after he ate it.

What a memorable birthday that was!

Tonight we celebrated our oldest sons’ birthday. Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris’ daughter Emelia, who is 2 threw up all over her Mama at the restaurant right after they walked in.

The tummy flu is out in full force!

Also as of tonight, we have not yet pulled out ONE Christmas decoration.

We are also slated to get some monstrous storm, which here in Oklahoma City means we might get 3-5 inches.

Or it might get below freezing.

Either way, there are no bread, toilet paper or water bottles left on the shelves in our stores.

Did I mention snow almost always stays less than a few days?

Coming soon, loads of Christmas recipes and holiday cheer. Hope your holiday season is going splendidily!

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