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February 11, 2013Katie

A true story of a lovely coffee house discovery in Guthrie – Hoboken Coffee House/Roasters goes like this…..

In December, my family and I went out to Guthrie for their Territorial Christmas celebration. I snapped this priceless photo of my girls sitting on Santa’s lap.


He kept in character and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Now keep in mind, they waited behind  young children for this opportunity.  I’m glad they did. I love this picture. I also loved to see them giggle with embarrassment. My girls always make me think I missed out on something by not having a sister.

Through a crazy Facebook connection through a connection, I found out my former pastor and his wife from my church in Michigan had a grandson who, along with his young wife, had recently opened a coffee shop in Guthrie.

I love coffee shops.

I love eclectic vintage coffee shops with good coffee.

So we went in search of Hoboken.  Now, especially if it’s at night, you’re going to have to look for it.  For you see, Hoboken is located around the side of the tire shop that anchors the main building that fronts on U.S. 77.  Face the building, then walk around to the right  side where you’ll see a parking lot.  Head right over to that parking lot and you’ll see the Hoboken sign.


Trey and Mallory Woods have created a special feel inside of Hoboken.  A dream since they first met 6 years ago, they have poured their heart and soul into this hipster little gem in Guthrie.  Living on a dime and learning a lot, the couple spent time in Oregon learning their trade and brought back their knowledge, along with a will to save money and have a good business plan before they committed to their dream.

Mallory’s grandpa owns the tire shop and one day, she pushed open the door to an old tire storage room and then told him she envisioned it as a coffee shop.  Tires were stacked from roof to floor, and his first reaction was a resolute “no”.  But obviously, the couple talked him into it and the result is a quaint and delicious coffee house that I’d drive from Oklahoma City just to visit.

Through blood, sweat and tears, the Woods have restored and decorated this place …oh yes, and did I mention all the while juggling a new precious little bundle of joy named Harvest as well?

So I guess you can tell by the machine in that photo and the title of this post, that coffee is roasted at Hoboken….and it’s good.

2012-12-08 22.42.18

As are the Chai Lattes.

2012-12-08 21.40.05

As are the baked goods.


Check out their Facebook page and “like” it to find out about local concerts and things happening at Hoboken!

Since I was there at night and night pictures are never the best, there is a truly beautiful set of photos over at this blog… I’m Kristen. So head over there and check them out.  And then, head over to Guthrie and get a truly wonderful cup of coffee at Hoboken.

Hoboken Coffee House/Roasters
224 1/2 S. Division St.
Guthrie, OK 73044

Here’s a map to help you find Hoboken!

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  • Janet

    February 15, 2013 at 7:16 am

    I too love the picture of your girls. This is what life is all about and that is just so charming. I think I would stand in line too. I am 42 years young and we are never too old to do these things. Embrace life!! You go girls!!!! The coffeehouse looks cool and the couple adorable! Have a beautiful day!

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