Here They are -The Family

March 11, 2009Katie

If  you’re going to get to know me, you’ll have to know my family
also as they are the biggest part of my life.  Let’s start with my husband Mr. Wonderful.   He makes me laugh and is absolutely the most kind, gentle-soul-of-a-man that God could ever give me.  He’s also a great dad and so without further ado…

Oh yeah – did I forget to mention he’s pretty nice to look at too? Well, he is…nuff said!
Here are my girls…they’re loony, beautiful and as of late, have loved to be in the kitchen with me – Tori & Kayla
Didn’t I tell you they’re beautiful? And don’t forget loony!  It’s just the way we are!  They learned it from their mom….
And here’s Conner, my youngest.  He is 15 and thinks he knows WAY more than me…he doesn’t know it yet but HE DOESN’T!  Moms, don’t you just have a special place in your heart for your boys? Even if they think they know more (which he doesn’t!!)…?

Young girls stay back!  (He’s already taken right  now!!) Did I mention moms are also pretty protective of their boys where women are concerned? We are!
I also have 3 beautiful step-kids too! Chris, Lyndsay, and Jason (in that order)…they all have significant others which I will show you later.  They are wonderful kids! I love them…here they are!

And I can’t forget Jade, our beautiful GORGEOUS new grandbaby…would you just look at this precious baby? There is not a baby more precious in this world…and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise!
Am I blessed or what? Someone remind me I said that next weekend after I’ve cooked for ALL of them about 4 times!

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