Help a New Mom Celebrate Her First Mother’s Day

April 18, 2016Katie

Whether she’s your wife, sister, daughter, or best friend, her first year  of celebrating Mother’s Day after becoming a mom herself is a milestone occasion. Share in her joy with unique gift ideas that she’s sure to adore.


Give Her a Break

The first year of motherhood is filled with joy and new learning experiences, but it can also present quite a number of unique challenges. A new mom is perpetually tired, and the thing she might appreciate most is a day off, or even a few hours just to herself. Some new moms find it hard to be away from their babies, plagued with feelings of fear or guilt, so it’s up to you to help her see how important it is that she take quality time for herself to relax and recharge. Offer to care for the little one for an entire day so she can do whatever she deems fit; it could be staying in bed and reading a book, or doing chores that have been driving her crazy.

Pamper Her

From pregnancy to birth, a new mom’s body goes on quite the journey before the little one has even arrived. If she’s overdue for some personal pampering, set her up with a luxurious appointment at a local spa resort. From massages to facials to pedicures, you can spend as little or as much as you’d like, and she’s sure to love your thoughtfulness. If money is tight, check out deal websites like LivingSocial or Groupon as they usually have some pretty nice local deals that will save you a ton. Pro tip: while your gift certificate will cover the treatment, the recipient is still expected to tip in cash when at the spa, so make sure you throw a twenty dollar bill into an envelope and write “For the tip” on the front. She’ll be so thankful and impressed that you thought of every detail.


Inspire Her Passions

Often, it’s hard for new moms to see themselves as anything other than mommy to a little one, but it’s important that she keeps hold of her own identity. Find a gift just for her that plays to her personal interests. Perhaps she’s a gardening extraordinaire; a personalized gardening tub will be perfect for all of her new bulbs. Maybe she’s a lady who loves to whip up new and exciting concoctions in the kitchen; some customized cutlery or kitchenware is definitely going to be a hit. Inspiring her personal passions will help remind her that she’s more than just a wonderful mommy, which is a reminder many moms need in the first year.

Create a Keepsake

The first year of motherhood is filled with, well, firsts. Capitalize on special moments with little keepsakes that she’ll treasure for years to come. Put a print of the baby’s footprints from the hospital in a shadowbox, make a collage of photos the new mom has posted on social media since the little one has been born, or tap into your creativity and come up with something you know she’ll love—and that may just bring a sweet tear to her eye.


Take Her on a Getaway

If the new mom is your wife, you might have found it hard to spend time together focusing on your relationship. This Mother’s Day, give both of yourselves the gift of quality time and plan a trip where you two can reconnect. Talk to trusted family members that both you and your wife would be comfortable leaving the little one with while you head out on an adventure just for two. This means dinners out without a little one to worry about getting to bed, a night of uninterrupted sleep, and a little bit of time where the two of you can work on noticing each other. You don’t have to go far; plan a staycation, especially if you’re both hesitant to leave the little one with someone else. Look at to find a great deal on a room in your area and whisk her away to have a fun, relaxing night with a little bit of time off from the ins and outs of parenthood.


  • Yvette

    May 5, 2017 at 1:42 am

    When my daughter was born, I got a cute photo album as a gift for her first year. I added a new photo each month for 12 months and now (she's 4) she loves taking it out and looking at her baby pictures.
  • Katie

    May 5, 2017 at 8:29 am

    Yvette - I LOVE that idea! Oh to go back and turn back time and do something like that for my now grown kids!

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