Heirloom Update

July 15, 2009Katie

By katie


And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what it’s all about.



If you’ve  gardened before, you need no explanation.

You plant seeds.


You jump for joy when the little things sprout.



Well okay, Kayla didn’t jump for joy, she could care less.  But the picture seemed appropriate.

You transplant from the starter containers to your garden, after contemplating and laboring over getting just the right soil-mix.


You go outside every day to see if there’s some kind of miniscule change in the size of the plants.


You water, you fertilize.

You have your husband figure out a way to stake the lil darlins when they get to the point of needing it.


Since that last picture (above), I have refused to daily document the growth of my heirlooms on film.  I wanted to see a big change.  I think that’s happened.bedgarden stakes2

Anyway, one day you walk outside and you notice this.


And you know it’s the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

One that’s going to last for just a few months…but ohhhh, the relationship it’s going to be.

And to add to the mix…

basilbedSage, Dill, Flat-leaf Parsley, Mint and lots and LOTS of Basil.  I think I might be close to 20 plants.  In the world of fresh basil, there is no such thing as too much.


And back to the tomatoes..we kept watching this one plant closely.

See, the seeds came with my heirloom tomato seeds, but the leaves look unlike any tomato leaves I’d ever seen.  I figured heirlooms were just a totally different breed and kept watching it.

As the plant grew, it finally dawned on me recently that I’d seen this type of leaf before.

Like on a zucchini plant.

squashSo, yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s not a tomato, but rather than be disappointed, I’m excited to get some squash as well!

I love gardening.  Ya just never know what it’ll bring next.

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