Heirloom Tomatoes Part 4

June 12, 2009Katie

Here is an heirloom update and a few garden shots.


The heirlooms are doing great in the flowerbeds I just randomly “stuck” them in, like the above shot.

However, the bed we made is not faring so well. They seem, like Peter Pan, to want to never grow up.

Here is a recap of the heirloom saga.

Stage 1 – planting seeds.

The little baby plants coming up.


Transplanting outside to the garden.

And today.

Now, please note that the previous 2 pictures are almost a month apart. The tomatoes were tranplanted on May2, and there doesn’t seem to be much difference in the size of them (with the exception of a few), while the plant in the first picture I posted has almost quadrupled in size.

Here’s what we did. I asked Mr. Wonderful to mix peat moss, manure and top soil in the bed. He spread the peat in the bottom, and only mixed the manure and top soil in the top layer. We think the manure may be burning the plants? So this week, we turned it over and mixed it up. They started to grow more immediately. Anyone know what’s wrong with our mix? Could we do something more?

The herbs are coming along splendidly.

LOTS of basil as it’s my favorite!



I planted three plants and then sprinkled seeds. Here are the seedlings coming up that I will transplant all over my yard.

Sage..I have plans for this….


Dill, which I am going to have to thin soon. I planted this from seed.

My parsley came back from last year and has gone ape-nuts.


Mr. Wonderful is weed wacking this stuff every time he mows.

My mint is back, of course.  You can’t kill this stuff.


My one disappointment though is, my rosemary has not come back.

All in all, though, I am in herb heaven.


Now if you’ll excuse, me I have some major weeding to do!

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