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September 20, 2011Katie

Hefner Grill
9201 Lake Hefner Pkwy
Oklahoma City, OK
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 I love Sunday Brunch.

I always have ever since my Mom and Dad used to take us to the Hyatt Regency when I was younger.  I remember the waffle and omelet stations where you can feel oh so important by choosing exactly how you wanted these items cooked up for you.

I also remember the time I was sitting on a bench outside waiting for my Dad to pull the car up and this scrawny rock-star looking guy told me the sun was shining on my hair (from the skylight overhead) and it made me look like an angel.  He exclaimed to a few other guys, all dressed in black leather and spandex behind him “LOOK! She has a direct sunbeam straight from God to her head!”  I sat there in my Nazarene Sunday dress and pantyhose looking at him like an alien from the planet Mars and wondering just WHY were these men so stinking skinny?

My brother followed them out to their tour bus and came back exclaming it had Motley Crue painted on the side of it and that Tommy Lee had just told me I looked like an angel.

I had no idea who Tommy Lee was until years later when he married a certain Baywatch Star, but I still remember that day…and that brunch buffet.

We had dined at Hefner Grill the Thursday night before and Mr. Wonderful had been so impressed, that we decided to try it for their brunch the following Sunday.  If you call far enough ahead, you can even reserve the “window” box seats down this strip of booths that face the lake.

We slid into our booth and gazed out at our sadly dehydrated Lake Hefner.

This would normally be a gorgeous sight, but alas, our lake is down about 10 feet or more from our drought.  It was still a serene sight and a pretty nice visual while we ate.

So on to the brunch cuisine!

Ranging in price from $8 to $11, brunch is just a wonderful thing at Hefner Grill.  Hefner Grill serves up several choices of Eggs Benedict.  The first year we were married, Mr. Wonderful and I went to Vegas.  We ate at the same breakfast buffet for 6 straight days on account of the fact that we gave up trying to walk anywhere else.  He ate Eggs Benedict every single day for six days…and loved it.  When I got home, I knew I had to learn to make Eggs Benedict or he’d never recover.

I ordered (upon our server’s advice), the Eggs Baltmore.

At the bottom of that stack are two crab cakes that are nicely capped off with two perfectly poached eggs and drizzled with Hollandaise Sauce. Served alongside of both are some crispy Baked Herbed Hash Browns and fresh fruit.

This was really good but unfortunately for the Baltimore Eggs, Mr. Wonderful had ordered this.

The Southern Eggs Benedict were absolutely delicious.

It starts off with a corn cake bottom covered with a layer of smoked grilled ham.  On top of that is ….get this, a fried gree tomato!  Top that with poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and fire-roasted guacamole?

Well, let’s just I coveted Mr. W’s brunch the rest of our visit.  It’s the clear winner and what I will order again when we visit.  Oh and those fried green tomatoes are  a side order if you just want them alongside something else for $3.

The hash browns were baked and crispy and flecked with herbs and very good.

The rest of the menu is a must-try as well from items featuring andouille sausage.  They also have a nice wine list and offer up some brunch cocktails like The Perfect Bloody Mary, Mimosa’s and Frozen Lemonade.

There is another rock star, or should I say jazz star featured at Hefner Grill that is a big plus for them.  Unlike the other restaurants that typically feature a live band on their porches, Hefner Grill has this guy.

While the other lake places have rock or pop, this is a welcome change for me.  But keep in mind that I love Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra and that entire genre of music.  I like to sit at a restaurant and actually to be able to hear the person talking that I’m dining with.  There is a place for band music, but sometimes it’s just nice to have relaxation.  I loved his music and it would bring me back for another listen.

His name is Echols and I think he’s fabulous. (You can see his hours of performance on this picture).

There is also a really  nice outdoor al fresca dining area facing the lake.  This is most certainly an added plus for those few days of the year we can actually sit outside and enjoy pretty weather.

Taken from our boat while on Lake Hefner and facing Hefner Grill

Try Hefner Grill’s Sunday brunch sometime.  I know we’ll be back soon. My husband is clamoring for that Southwestern Eggs Benedict!  And if we go to Hefner Grill, I won’t have to learn to make it!

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  • Karen

    September 21, 2011 at 10:20 am

    I've had the Newporter Salad and the key lime pie. I thought I was in heaven!!
  • JoAnn Robertson

    March 25, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    We had lunch, after Church there today 4 of our friends. I had the Southwest egg benedict. So good, Thanks, for my husbads and my birthday gift of $10 off our lunch. We love eating there. and bringing friends
  • Alan

    December 12, 2013 at 6:07 am

    Nice review. I'll be sure to head over Hefner Grill when I get the chance...
  • Andy

    February 10, 2014 at 3:59 am

    This is a great place to enjoy your breakfast! I am definitely going to visit it more often. :)
  • Sean

    February 23, 2014 at 10:13 am

    This restaurant is worth trying. Love to drink a cup of tea on the balcony after eating the meal.

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