Haiti – Just Heartbreaking

January 20, 2010Katie

Kayla.  My daughter this summer in Haiti.  A mission trip.  Her life changed.  A visit to an orphanage where people only do what we all admire.

In the past week or so, Haiti has been hit hard, right where she visited.  People have died, children are maimed and injured.  And yet again today, another aftershock.

We, who have so much, who think we have so little, sit in our warm houses and have no idea.

If you feel the need to donate…and worry about where…here are two links to help.  The first is my church who supports 2 orphanages in Haiti.  the second is the ministry my daughter visited.  They are the real deal …both of them…please help.



God Bless You!


  • Kayla

    January 21, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    I like this : )

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