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September 1, 2012Katie


Food trucks.

You know they’re out there, but if you’re like me, you have a hard time tracking them down and driving out to find them. If you’re lucky, they hit a spot near your job during lunch hour. Otherwise, you might be plumb out of luck. (I now have made a Twitter follow list for OKC Food trucks – if you like look me up on Twitter and subscribe to it!)

The solution?

One year ago, JD Merryweather from COOP Ale Works, and Laura Massenat of Elemental Coffee Roasters dreamed up an idea.

What about having an outdoor food court involving Oklahoma City food trucks and drink vendors including Ludivine mixology, COOP Ale Works and Elemental Coffee?

In August 2011, that idea became a reality and H & 8th Night Market was born.

Last night was the right night, being the last Friday of the month, so  we headed to Hudson and stretching from 7th to 8th Street, looked for the Elemental Coffee sign.

The quaint patio area last night was buzzing with both a crowd, and also a live band setting up.  The vibe spoke excitment and reminded me of the times we blocked off our street on July 4th to gather with our neighbors for a block party, pulling our grills out front, and hanging out and getting to know our neighbors.

It seems that block parties have become a lost art… until now because that’s exactly what H & 8th feels like.

Only In place of grills, there are food trucks lined up for your gastronomic selection. You don’t have to cook…even better!

Last night was Wild Al’s, HEO’s Kitchen, Grouchy Sam’s, Roxy’s Ice Cream, Sambino’s Italian Ice and Hawk’s Hotdogs.

Now I know Al’s is good because of the goodness I ate last week when he was on my TV segment.

Hi Al!

But I was curious about the other trucks, so while the rest of our party hit Wild Al’s, I sauntered over to HEO’s Kitchen.

I opted for one each of the Korean and Vietnamese Tacos.

The Korean taco (on the left) had beef short ribs along with a wonderful pickled relish topping it and the whole thing was drizzled with Sriracha over it along with some Hoison sauce.  It was really good. It was served in a corn tortilla and really flavorful.

But the Vietnamese version?

It was truly special.

While the filling itself was much the same as the Korean taco, the wrapper itself was a delight.

If you’re ever had Bánh Bao, or Vietnamese steamed buns, they are a pillow-like bundle of goodness, often filled with BBQ pork or vegetables , and just ask Mr. Wonderful…they are delicious! (They are a favorite of his).

Somehow HEO’s Kitchen makes a bun-textured tortilla that is warm and soft and just like those steamed buns,  and the contrast between this and the BBQ-like beef shortribs along with the tang of the pickled vegetables on top, makes the entire thing a tastebud explosion that covered all areas of the kind of cuisine I love.

My only complaint?

They weren’t big enough!

I headed into Elemental and picked up a cold brewed coffee seeing as it was the last day of August and still in the high 90’s.

And then we headed across Hudson to the grassy park to hang out with our friends Joy and Dale and Sandra and Noel (from Hotdog Locos)

I hope you’ll try out H & 8th sometime.  Get out of your house and into the culture with some friends. Listen to some local music, eat some local food, feel the vibration of Oklahoma City downtown at dusk. Bring some lawn chairs to hang out in the park across the street and eat some good food truck cuisine. Remember, it happens each month on the last Friday!

Life needs more block parties.

Follow these Food Trucks on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they’ll be daily!  If you have a food truck or a new food truck you’d like me to add, please leave a comment below!

Big Truck Taco’s – Facebook     Twitter =@bigtrucktacos
Bobo’s Chicken (no social media but find them in a bright red trailer at SE corner of NE 23rd Street and Hood on weekends after 7 pm.)
Grouchy Sam’s Facebook                Twitter – @GrouchySams
Hawk’s Hotdogs
Hot Dog OKC – Facebook         Twitter – HotDogOKC
HEO’s Kitchen Facebook                 Twitter – @HeosKitchen
Hotdog Locos – Facebook
Roxy’s Ice Cream – Facebook       Twitter –@IceCreamOKC
Taste of Soul Egg Roll – Facebook    Twitter – @tasteofsouleggroll
Waffle Champion – Facebook        Twitter- @wafflechampion
Wild Al’s –  Facebook                        Twitter – @WildAls

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  • Rose Marie B

    September 1, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Only once a year and I missed it. :(. I'll join you next hear for sure! Great post Katie!
  • Johna (Wild Al’s Food Truck)

    September 1, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    Thanks for coming out to H&8th! Last night we had what seemed like twice the people from July but, actually fewer trucks. We've been having even more to choose from the last few months. (We knew several that had other commitments this time.) We love doing this event, and it grows every month! Thanks for including it in Dishin and Dishes!
  • DishinandDishes

    September 1, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Johna I saw you last night but you were so busy! Sent lots of friends your way!
  • Debra

    September 2, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Why, or why is Tulsa always one step behind OKC? I know that Mitch at the Grub Truck is planning something similar starting next Thursday. I can't wait!

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