Gutter Strawberries

March 29, 2016Katie


Some friends were throwing out an old gutter recently and Mr. Wonderful brought it home and made us the coolest strawberry planter.

gutter strawberries

First, he screwed it onto our stockade fence securely. Next, he just bent the open end shut and filled it with good soil. The hope here is that we can trail the strawberries out over the gutter instead of them sitting in the soil and rotting like they can do.

Photo Mar 23, 5 45 10 AM

Plus they are at the perfect height for our sprinklers to still hit them. AND, they will be much easier to see and pick at this level.

Photo Mar 27, 5 32 49 AM

I want three or four more of these gutters filled with strawberries now.

Photo Mar 23, 5 48 17 AM

Because as far as I’m concerned, more strawberries are always better right?

plant strawberries in gutters 2

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