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February 15, 2013Katie

On the second day of my Tulsa trip last week, I guested on Good Day Tulsa on KTUL Channel 8 with Laura Moss and Chef Matt Kelley.

My daughter goes to college in Tulsa so she spent the night with me at my hotel and rode with me. We wound our way up this hill. You can see the antenna of the TV station.

Photo Feb 05, 9 34 15 AM

Finally after seeing “dead end” signs and getting a little worried about driving into what appeared to be a forest, we came out on top of the hill and were relieved to see a giant pole with brightly stenciled letters of the station – KTUL.

Photo Feb 05, 9 29 34 AM

We’d found it!

Photo Feb 05, 9 29 28 AM

We were ushered into the cutest studio that housed a kitchen set.

I seriously loved their kitchen set.

Photo Feb 05, 8 45 39 AM

I felt like I should be wearing a June Cleaver dress and pumps!

The morning anchors Keith Taylor and Laura Moss and weatherman Andrew Kozak hosted the start of the show from this set before we went on.

KTUL Tulsa

In the back of my book are recipes from outstanding Oklahoma chefs. This particular morning, Matt Kelley from Lucky’s in Tulsa was joining us on the segment to share the recipe he submitted – Chicken Pesto Pasta.

Photo Feb 05, 8 45 52 AM

Hi Matt! I told Matt I was seriously in violation of Commmandment #10 because I was covetting that elongated wooden tray he brought with him at the end of the counter. Not only that, but I also want his pasta roller. The man was making fresh fettucini for his dish.

See why I fell in love with his restaurant?

Pretty soon we were up and this nice lady came out and mic’d us up.

Good Day Tulsa KTUL

And then we were on!

Photo Feb 05, 9 09 22 AM

Laura introduced us and got Matt set to cooking!

Matt Kelley cooking a recipe from Food Lovers' Guide to Oklahoma from Lucky's Tulsa

And then she asked me about the book.

interview with Katie Johnstonbaugh author of Food Lovers' guide to Oklahoma

And then it was over…that quick!


You can watch the video to the segment by clicking the Play arrow below! – Tulsa, Oklahoma – News, Weather


  • Nancy Jackson

    February 15, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    Love my Katie and love seeing her on tv!!! AWESOME job!!!

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