Growing Your Own Lemongrass

April 1, 2011Katie

After checking out sources about growing lemongrass from seed, I decided to look most of the said was easiest to do – root it myself.

If you have an Asian market, or a source to buy lemongrass, just grab bundle (mine had 6 or 7 in a bundle), Chop off the tops and bottoms (actually, I don’t even think you need to mess with the bottoms).

Stick with the tops pointing up into a vase or large glass.

Pour in enough water to cover 3-4 inches of the bottoms.

And put them in a sunny warm spot on a windowsill.

Get to editing your photos and realize you SORELY need to wash your kitchen window. 

Hi mom.  I am going to wash that window, honest I am.

Apparently, this will sprout roots and I will be able to then transplant them into a pot or my herb garden.  I’m so hoping this works, as I’ll use this stuff often!

I’ll get back to you when and if they sprout.


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