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November 8, 2012Katie

As life use to exist, healthy eateries in Oklahoma City were a rarity, an unheard of idea.  Sure, you might find one of those restaurants that served up home cooked vegetables, but usually, they were drenched in butter, smothered in cheese, or boiled to death with bacon or ham to make them taste good. If you wanted to eat healthy, you might as well just stay home.Today’s options of being able to grab a good for you meal out and about are growing, as in the case of Green & Grilled.

Located in a strip mall at NW Expressway & Rockwell, Green & Grilled is the dream of Juan Suraez and his wife and you will most certainly see his smiling face when you head over to the back of the dining room to order.

The large pristine dining area with bright punches of green and bamboo style chairs on your left will make you feel organic and relaxed.

The menu choices will be to your right and posted on a large set of signs on the wall.

In a nutshell, at Green & Grilled you can pick from several meats like steak, chicken, pork or tofu (not a meat!) and the protein is marinated in a delicious adobo and green onion mixture and then grilled which makes it decidedly Colombian, the country Juan comes from and which influences the grilling flavors at the eatery.

As  seen above, your meat comes with your choice of a half sized portion of one of the five creative salads on the menu, seasonal vegetables or seasonal fruit.  You also get a choice of one side. The choices are brown rice,  Spinach Rice that’s been steamed with spinach, garlic and spices or carrot rice steamed with carrots, garlic and spices, a baked potato (steamed with just salt), corn on the cob or an avocado. I love the option to get a sliced avocado on the side of my meal and I chop it up and eat some on my salad, and some with a bite of the spiced and savory meat.  We usually just order one on the side extra.

Above you can see my choice of the Grilled Chicken with the  Spinach Salad with chopped cucumbers,red onions, shredded carrots, sliced radishes, and sprinkled with  Feta Cheese and homemade Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette.

That’s Mr. Wonderful’s choice of Grilled Steak with the half order of Apple Spinach Salad Spinach made of  diced green apples, dried cranberries, and garnished with chopped walnuts and homemade Light Orange Vinaigrette.

A couple of other things worth mentioning on the menu are the soups!

Every day they serve Vegetable, Portabello Mushroom and Creamy Butternut Squash Soup.  There is also a featured soup each day that you can find on their menu with things like pureed lentil, broccoli cheese or creamy spinach.

That is a shot Brettley took with her iPhone last time we were there.  This is the mushroom soup and it tastes like pure pureed cooked mushrooms with no cream added. It was delicious.

Dessert is served from a refrigerator case at the counter and you have three choices, – Caramel Flan, Strawberries and Cream and this..

Pineapple Zucchini Cake.

There are even healthy kid meals complete with organic milk or juice for the kiddos.

If you love burgers and fries and are not too health conscious in your eating, this might not be your place, but if you like good clean food served up in a bright and airy atmosphere, you’re going to enjoy Green & Grilled so hop on over there and support this

Green & Grilled
8547 N. Rockwell Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

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