Gardening …and Snow

February 25, 2015Katie


Welcome again to unpredictable Oklahoma weather.

Two weekends ago, Mr. Wonderful and I spent all Saturday in the yard. He made a pretty need DIY composter for us.

DIY Compost bin

The trash can has a hole cut in the lid and bottom and a cut off old broomstick is stuck through it and into the side posts to where it twirls, thus solving the problem of “turning” the compost. He also drilled about fifty 1/4 inch holes around the trash can for ventilation.

Photo Feb 15, 5 21 32 PM

The hinged door, he cut and mounted the hinges and fastener by screwing them into a small piece of wood inside.

I have been planting cool weather plants in the greenhouse mostly but did get over ambitious and started tomato plants and a few flowers like my beloved zinnias.

Photo Feb 25, 12 40 38 PM

Mr. Wonderful also built these awesome raised beds for us. I am very excited about these, as our soil (purchased at Minick Materials here in Oklahoma City) HAS to be an major improvement on our ground garden area with its red clay base.

Photo Feb 14, 5 26 53 PM

It took two TONS of dirt to fill these 4 x 8 foot beds. Can you believe that? Mr. Wonderful can’t either as he trucked them all from front to back yard with a measly wheelbarrow.

And then – within a day.

Photo Feb 25, 12 28 51 PM (1)

We went from 75º to 21º or something….

Photo Feb 23, 1 10 18 PM

I spent some time carrying all my greenhouse trays up a flight of stair to place them on a tarp in our upstairs living room.

Today it’s 48º and sunny. And by Friday, we’re supposed to get another round of snow.

You just never know around here.


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